Collecting Richard M. Nixon 1960 Presidential Campaign Memorabilia

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Richard M. Nixon 1960 campaign memorabilia is avidly collected. Nixon pins, posters, window stickers, campaign hats, car antenna flags, silk campaign flags and magazines can be valuable.

The 1960 presidential election pitting Republican Richard M. Nixon versus Democrat John F. Kennedy was one of the closest in history. Kennedy came out on top, winning 303 electoral votes to Nixon's 219, with only a razor thin 112,827 margin separating the two in the popular vote.

Richard Nixon, who later won the presidency in 1968, ran hard in 1960, with his campaign generating a number of items that are highly sought after by today's collectors. Pins, posters, magazines and other Nixon political memorabilia can bring top prices. To quote Richard Nixon himself, let me make this perfectly clear...

Richard M. Nixon 1960 Political Pins

Nixon for president pins were produced in abundance for the 1960 campaign. One of the more valuable pins is titled "For Peace and Prosperity Vote Straight Republican," and features a photo of Nixon. This pin in mint condition brought $358.50 at auction. Another rarity is the "Not For Sale Elect Nixon" pin, which pictures an image of the White House. One example in fine condition sold for $286.80 at auction.

One of the more witty Nixon pins from the 1960 campaign is titled "Nix On Kennedy," a playful dig at JFK. Comprised of blue lettering on a white background, this pin is sought by both Nixon and Kennedy collectors. One example in excellent condition fetched $107.55 at auction.

Other 1960 Nixon campaign pins, along with their winning bids at auction, include the following: "Goldwater Says Don't Dodge Vote Nixon and Lodge" ($101.58), "Match Him Richard Nixon" ($29), "I'm Voting For Nixon No Giveaways! Remember Yalta? No Apologies! Remember the Summit? No Pie in the Sky! Remember it's Your Money Jack will play Poker with" ($49) and "I'm For Nixon" ($71.70).

A number of Nixon for president pins are quite common, and can usually be purchased for under $5. They include "Nixon/Lodge," "I Like Nixon," I'm a Nixon Gal, Nixon for President" and "Click with Dick."

Richard Nixon 1960 campaign pin. Auction result: $358.50 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

Richard Nixon 1960 Campaign Posters, Brochures

Like his opponent, Massachusetts Senator Jack Kennedy, Vice President Richard Nixon's political operatives and supporters produced a number of campaign posters for the 1960 election. One poster, printed in Seattle, pictures a photo of the candidate and is simply titled "Richard Nixon." It's valued at over $100 today.

It should be noted that many 1960 Nixon for president posters offered on ebay and elsewhere are in fact reproductions. They are billed as such, but potential buyers need to be reminded of that fact before they make a purchase.

Nixon-Lodge (as in Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Nixon's running mate in 1960) brochures are still available. One example touting Nixon-Lodge as the "experienced team" sold for $15. Another brochure, this one titled "Nation Needs Nixon," is valued at around $5.

Richard Nixon autographed photo to Ike's personal pilot Colonel Bill Draper. Auction result: $227 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

Richard M. Nixon Miscellaneous 1960 Campaign Memorabilia

An array of miscellaneous Nixon 1960 campaign collectibles abound in the field. Here is a selected list of those items, along with their selling prices:

  • Nixon-Lodge campaign hat ($45)
  • Nixon-Lodge antenna flag in original cardboard sleeve ($13)
  • I like Nixon window sticker ($4)
  • Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller on the cover of Time, August 1, 1960 ($10)
  • 1960 Chicago Republican National Convention ticket ($20)
  • Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy cloth stick puppets ($10)
  • Richard Nixon signed photograph to Colonel William G. Draper, Eisenhower's Air Force aide and personal pilot ($227)
  • MAD magazine flip cover, Nixon and Kennedy, dated January 1961 ($35)
  • 1960 Nixon silk campaign flag ($143.40)
  • 1960 Chicago Republican National Convention souvenir program ($15)
  • Nixon and family appreciation card sent to supporters on January 20, 1961 ($10)

MAD magazine #60, January 1961 though printed before the election. The flip cover features a similar congratulatory message to John F. Kennedy! Auction result: $35 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

Top Image

  • Rare Richard Milhous Nixon silk campaign flag from 1960. Auction result: $143.40 (Heritage Auction Galleries)


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