Cole Haan vs Kenneth Cole: Prices, Products, and Services Compared

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Cole Haan is primarily a shoe company that's owned by Nike. They have some unique shoe brands like Lunarsgrand. Their prices are comparable to Kenneth Cole, but with more selection. Kenneth Cole focuses on innovation and unusual materials in heir bags, wa

Finding the right finishing touch

Cole Haan

Cole Haan was created by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan in 1928. Today, Cole Haan is famous for shoes, bags, and other accessories. They have such products for both men and women, and their style is focused on the adventurous. Cole Haan’s is actually owned by Nike, so they are known for having especially good shoes.


  • Frequent Sales of 30% Off or More-There’s an entire section for sales on the Cole Haan site. You can search for Men’s or Women’s products, using color, size, style, collection or width as filters.
  • Free Ground Shipping on all orders
  • Gift Cards
  • Easy to Navigate Store- Click on “Women’s or “Men’s to get products aimed at you right away without having to sift through a lot of products you have no interest in.
  • Lunargrand-There’s an entire section under “Lunar Landing” on the Cole Haan site dedicated to this brand of shoes. They make some shiny shoes and booths with unique color combinations and comparatively cheap prices.

Cole Haan has some quality low cost wallets like this one.

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole started around 30 years ago. The company became famous when the creator was told the only way people could get permission to park trucks in downtown Manhattan for publicity is through shooting full-length motion pictures or by already being famous. So Ken changed his company’s name to “Kenneth Cole Productions” and filmed something called “The Birth of a Shoe Company” in order to get permission. This is still the technical name of the company, and it’s a good illustration of what they stand for now, namely resourcefulness, innovation, and thinking outside of the box. Their array of unusual products such as metal notebooks, snakeskin shoes and shoes made from crocs definitely illustrate this point.


  • Free Skit Lift Pass/Theater Ticket/Concert Ticket- Choose between these gifts when you spend $200 or more on the Kenneth Cole site or any of their retail stores in one sitting.
  • Unique Leather Products like Notebooks- These have phrases on them like “Do the write thing,” or “Great Minds Don’t Think Alike.”
  • Free 2 Day Shipping on Select Products
  • Snakeskin/Croc Skin Products- There are also unique metal products in addition to more basic materials like leather.
  • Charity Programs-This includes the Kenneth Cole Haiti center that includes 6,000 patients per year. They’ve also developed 4 anti-HIV drugs and inspired 500 young social entrepreneurs with fellowships.
  • Kinky Boots-Kenneth Cole has partnered with the 2013 musical Kinky Boots to produce a limited shoe collection related to the Tony award winning production.



Kenneth Cole has some interesting products like this leather notebook.

Head to Head


Cole Haan has inexpensive shoes given the quality. They go from $120 for a simple women’s flat all the way to $380 for boots. Men’s shoes range from $120 for simple canvas to $550 for leather shoes of the highest quality.

Kenneth Cole goes between $98 for a buckled rain boot, to $450 high end long boots. The Croc boot is around $500 on the high end for men, with the “social scale” boots at almost $600, and made of genuine snakeskin.


Cole Haan has a wide selection for both men and women including;

  • Tablet/Phone Leather Cases
  • Shoes
  • Wallets
  • Sunglasses
  • Belts
  • Bags
  • Handbags
  • Laces
  • Tights
  • Jewelry

The products are well-made and the reviews indicate that most people think of them as being durable and lasting a long time.

Kenneth Cole has a lot of the same products, but they focus more on clothing than on just accessories. They also have the interesting line of products like snakeskin camera bags and others made from such unusual materials.


Cole Haan has free ground shipping on all orders. In contrast, Kenneth Cole requires that you spend $125 first, though they do actually give out free 2 day-shipping to some products that qualify. 

Video about Kenneth Cole bags.