Cogito vs Cookoo vs Samsung: SmartWatches Reviewed and Compared

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Cogito is ideal for those who like traditional watches but just want to get smartphone alerts too. Cookoo is similar to Cogito, but geared more towards travelers with the Dual Time feature. Samsung’s Gear S watch is like having a smartphone on your wris

We are now living in the beginning of the age of smartwatches. Now that we’re well past the prototype stage, there are a number of solid watches you can buy. Here’s a comparison of some of the best smartwatches currently available on the market.


Cogito Watches, including especially the Cogito Classic, have all the features you’d expect from a soft watch. It has the standard digital display, as well as giving you access to text messages and social message alert, as well as alerts for email. It can alert you for calendar events as well as let you remotely control your music and camera.


  • Free Strap-Cogito often has free offers available, such as a free nylon strap that you get when you buy any of the Cogito classic watches.
  • No Recharge Needed-One unique feature for Cogito watches is that you don’t have to use a USB power cord or any other kind to recharge the watch since doesn’t require that. Instead, the watch actually runs on the same button-cell batteries that normal watches use. According to the site, the charge will last for several months per battery.
  • Six Colors-Depending on the type, you get 6 different colors that include black, orange, purple, green, grey and white for the Cogito Classic.
  • Remotely Trigger Camera-You can use the watch to trigger your paired phone’s camera easily.
  • Water Resistance-The watch can handle being submerged in water up to 10 atmospheres.


The Cookoo got its start on Kickstarter, and it has a similar aesthetic to the Cogito and some of the same features including calendar and social media alerts, as well as alerts for SMS, incoming and missed calls, and so on.



  • Free Shipping-Cookoo periodically has free shipping deals if you buy a watch.
  • Battery Powered-Just like with Cogito, the Cookoo can run on a battery that can be easily replaced, though this is a battery that comes with the watch.
  • Dual Time-If you spend a lot of time travelling, this feature can be useful since it allows you to keep track of two different times simultaneously.
  • Range Alert-If your device is out of range, you can get an alert on your watch.
  • Replaceable Watch Band-Cookoo allows you to replace the watch band with something of your choosing easily.
  • Control Music-You can control your paired phone’s music right from the watch with an easy to use button.



Samsung has a variety of smartwatches including brands like the Gear S, the Gear 2, and the Gear Live. The Gear 2 has a 320 x 320 pixel resolution and it even has its own rear camera with 2 megapixels.


  • Voice Response-The Gear 2 let you control your watch with your voice. You can respond to text messages vocally, answer calls hands-free, check and respond to emails, and so on.
  • WatchON Turns Your Watch into TV Remote-The Gear 2 has an IR blaster on-boarder so you can use this feature to turn the channel, increase or decrease the volume, mute, or even turn the TV on or off, all from your wrist.
  • 2 MP Camera-This is a built-in camera for the watch that is aimed up so you can take photographs of yourself.
  • 1.6 Super AMOLED Display-It’s hard to beat Samsung when it comes to displays and the Gear 2 is the best of the three in terms of displays since it’s more of a straight smartwatch and less of a device trying to look like a traditional watch.
  • Stored Music Player-Instead of just playing music from your paired phone, the watch can store and play music on its own.
  • Network-Connected Without Phone-The Samsung Gear S lets you connect to your network without having a phone paired.
  • Curved Display-The Gear S has a special display that curves to make it easier to fit on your wrist. The Gear S can also run exercise apps to keep track of your heart rate and calories, as well as other info.

Head to Head


The Cogito Classic is about $180 usually. The Cogito Pop is around $130.

The Cookoo 2 Connected Watch goes for $150. Other watches may be pricier if they have different colors than the standard ones such as black. For example, there are sometimes limited edition versions that are green and go for around $250. These prices are all from the brand sites themselves, and they could be cheaper if you buy them from other sources like Amazon or second hand from places like eBay.

The Samsung Gear 2 is around $300 making it by far the most expensive of the three brands, but it also has far more features.


Cogito works on iOS 7 and 8, as well as Android 4.3 or newer. There are some features that only work with Android, however, such as the option to mute incoming calls. The Cogito also has the option to use either the phone or the watch to find the other as long as they are in range of the Bluetooth 4.0. Support for Cogito appears limited mostly to a comment post form under the “contact us” link.

Cookoo is very similar in functionality to Cogito. They have nearly identical features all the way through from the replaceable watch battery, to the music control, to the remote camera function. Choosing between these two will largely depend on which design you find more compelling. Even the support is similar, though Cookoo is slightly better. There is support largely available through email or a ticket during Pacific business hours. Having a ticket at least means you have a higher chance of actually hearing back from them.

The Samsung smartwatches move away from the traditional watch route in terms of features. They have far more features than the Cogito or the Cookoo including the IR TV remote beamer, onboard music that you don’t need a phone for, voice control, and many others. The Gear 2 doesn’t do phone pairing or network alerts though. But the Samsung Gear S does. You can connect it directly to ATT or other networks. The Gear S will last about 2 days with a 300 mAh battery. The Gear S is $300 without a contract.

Samsung also has the best support largely because it’s a much larger company doing other things. You can get live chat around the clock, email responses, phone support, and even video chat if you want during 10am to 7 PM through the work week.