ClosetMaid vs Elfa vs IKEA: Shelving and Storage Products Compared

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ClosetMaid has a great selection of individual shelving and storage products and completed storage pieces. They offer professional design specialist that can help you with a closet design. Elfa sells many types of shelves and storage products including sm


ClosetMaid has been in business since 1965 selling all type of storage and products to help you organize your life. ClosetMaid products can help you organize every room of your home or office. Their website offers great storage and organizing ideas plus the following services:

  • Do It Yourself Designer will give you storage ideas for any room you choose by just answering a few questions.
  • ClosetMaid Professional Design Service: For $5, one of their design specialists will design a closet for you with the dimensions you provide.
  • ClosetMaid Professional Installers. If you would like a professionally designed and installed closet, ClosetMaid can also do that for you.

ClosetMaid Shelving and Storage Products

ClosetMaid carries shelving and storage products for all of the rooms in your home including:

  • Bedroom
  • Family Room
  • Kitchen and Pantry
  • Utility and Laundry Room
  • Home Office
  • Garage

Their shelving and storage products come in all sizes, types and different materials that include:

  • Wire shelving, adjustable mount shelving, wire drawers
  • Laminate storage furniture
  • Wood closet organizers
  • Fixed and adjustable mount hardware
  • Cube and stackable storage
  • Garage cabinets
  • Utility cabinets
  • Garage accessories
  • Replacement parts

ClosetMaid Shelving and Storage Prices

ClosetMaid has a lot of shelving and storage products in many different sizes to choose from. You can get plenty of ideas from the photos on their website for any room or item you need organized and stored. A few of their prices include:

  • 4 foot – 6 foot Closet Organizer has 96 inches of hanging space and 144 inches of shelf space with a shelf depth of 12 inches for a cost of $112.
  • 3 Cube Bench with three separate cubicles with a height of 18.5” by 35” wide and a depth of 14’ costs $67.
  • 5 Drawer Kit is a ventilated wire drawer storage unit that is 40”H x 18”W x 21” deep for a cost of $95.
  • 2 Door Wall Cabinet is great for the utility room or the garage that measures 24”H x 24”W x 12.25” D for a cost of $88.

Along with all the different styles of shelving and storage products, ClosetMaid also sells the wall caps, wall brackets, support poles and brackets, joiner plates and all of other parts you need to assemble your shelving and storage products. ClosetMaid also offers free shipping with orders of $150 and over.  


Elfa was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Arne Lydmar in 1948 and today is a key supplier of shelving and storage products at The Container Store. Elfa has a large selection of shelving and storage products for your entire home.

Depending on which of their websites you go to, you can find space planning tools that can help you customize all of your storage needs. You can also get inspired and view their image gallery with great ideas for shelving and storage space in your home.

Elfa Shelving and Storage Products

Elfa has divided their products into Classic shelving and storage products which are stylish and smart looking and into Décor premium shelving and storage for your home. You can search for the storage products you need by wall based or floor based in the following categories:

  • Wall Hang allows is their most flexible shelving and allows you to expand and change it.
  • Traditional Shelving is mounted directly onto the wall.
  • Standard Drawer System is their standard drawer type storage.
  • Mini Drawer System is perfect for small and tight areas and comes in three sizes.
  • Free Standing storage
  • Other storage products that are perfect for everything else you need in storage and shelving.

Elfa Shelving and Storage Prices

Elfa sells all the parts for you to put together any type of shelving or storage units you need. Elfa has many websites for whichever country you are in or you can go to their Amazon page and find all of their prices. A few prices include:

  • Elfa ventilated shelf (20’ x 3’ platinum) costs $13.99
  • Elfa laundry area shelving 16” x 74” x 8’ costs $349.03
  • Mesh Start-a-Stack for $83.30
  • Elfa Mesh Pantry Storage platinum 15” x 23” x 42” H costs $137.87
  • Narrow Deep Basket costs $9.79

Many of their products in the U.S. can be purchased on or through The Container Store.

Elfa Coupons

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IKEA is the well known affordable furniture store with their unique designs of furniture that also include shelving and storage products. You can find products for your home on their website through their general categories:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Children’s rooms

Their website also includes several storage planning tools that can help you pick the right shelving and storage products.

IKEA shelving and Storage Products

IKEA sells all types of shelving products:

  • Shelving units with doors or drawers
  • Shelving units with a laptop table
  • Individual shelving units
  • Wall shelves

IKEA carries the following types of storage products:

  • GALANT storage series
  • TROFAST toy storage series
  • IKEA 365+ food storage and container series
  • Small storage
  • Storage cabinets
  • Storage furniture
  • Bed storage
  • Secondary storage

IKEA shelving and storage products that looks great with their furniture and easy to assemble. You can pick up their furniture of have it delivered to your home.

IKEA Shelving and Storage Prices

IKEA shelving and storage prices are like all of their furniture prices, affordable and especially great for those just furnishing their first home. They are durable for the most part and will last a long time depending on how they are treated. They are easy to assemble once you get them home. A few of their prices include:

  • KALLAX shelf unit with 8 inserts costs $259.00
  • KALLAX birch effect shelving unit with 4 inserts costs $34.99
  • MULIG steel shelving unit which is great for the bathroom costs $24.99
  • STUVA storage bench costs $79.99
  • STUVA storage combination with drawers costs $99.00
  • FJELL bed frame with storage costs $529.00

Shelving and Storage Conclusion

You can find whatever types of shelving and storage products you need at these three stores. ClosetMaid sells entire cabinet storage units plus you can get single pieces of shelving and storage units to use. They also offer a Professional Design Service for $5 that will design a closet for you to your dimensions. ClosetMaid can also professionally design and install your closet for you.

Elfa mainly sells their products in the United States through or The Container Store. They have all types of shelving and storage products so that you can put together your own shelves and storage units.

IKEA sells shelving and storage that more closely resemble furniture at affordable prices. At IKEA, you can buy entire dressers, shelving units and bed frames with storage units built in. Their shelving and storage products go great with their furniture.