Clayton is a Beautiful Tourist Attraction Home and Museum in Pittsburgh

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The Frick Art & Historical Center also known as Clayton is a beautiful tourist attraction located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Clayton is the collective name of industrialist Henry Clay Frick's home, museum, carriage house and greenhouse located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The entire complex known as Clayton and the Frick Art & Historical Center or just The Frick is a big tourist attraction in Pittsburgh located at 7227 Reynolds Street in the East End along what used to be known as Millionaires Row.

Over 100,000 people visit and tour beautiful Clayton yearly and here is a breakdown of what visitors see at Clayton.

Clayton the Home of the Frick Family

Image Source by Lee Paxton

Clayton or the Frick Mansion was built in the 1860's and purchased and renovated by Henry Clay Frick and his wife in 1881 after they were married. The beautiful Italianate-style home was originally called Homewood but the Fricks remodeled the mansion and changed the name to Clayton.

Image Source by shadysidelantern

Clayton remained the Frick family's home until 1905 when they moved to New York City. The family did not sell Clayton and in 1908 daughter Helen Clay Frick moved back into Clayton and lived in the home on and off until she died in 1984. Helen stipulated in her will that Clayton be renovated and open to the public which it has been since 1990.

The Frick Art Museum

Image Source by Lee Paxton

Throughout most of his adult life Henry Clay Frick was a serious collector of art of all kinds but especially paintings. When he died in 1919 his daughter Helen who was also a serious art collector inherited his art collection and in 1970 she built the Frick Art Museum to house her collection. Today the Frick Art Museum in Pittsburgh is open to the public free of charge.

Image Source by XWRN

The Frick Greenhouse

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Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's wealthy families often built greenhouses so they could have fresh fruits and vegetables available all year. The multi-millionaire Fricks were no exception and their greenhouse was built in 1897.

Car and Carriage Museum

Image Source by DougW (Rolls Royce Silver Ghost automobile)

The original carriage house at Clayton was expanded into the Car and Carriage Museum in 1998. The museum houses and displays Henry Clay Frick's collection of cars including his 1914 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce automobile. Also in the museum is Pittsburgh native and ketchup millionaire Howard Heinz's 1898 Panhard automobile which was the first car in Pittsburgh.

Clayton or the Frick Art & Historical Center is open daily except for Mondays and major holidays and admission is free.

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