Classroom Values That Should Be Inculcated to Students

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Observing and practicing right values inside the classroom facilitate good learning and encourages a friendly environment among students and teacher.

To avoid or minimize classroom discipline, teachers should clearly state the rules and regulations at the beginning of the school year. This is to create positive and healthy environments for the students and the teacher where both will feel comfortable interacting with each other. Thus, teachers should inculcate values and make it a set of rules that will guide students with regards to appropriate behavior inside and outside the classroom.

Respect is very important for both students and teacher because there is no way that a classroom environment can function without it. Likewise, it is impossible for an exchange of knowledge to transpire if there is an absence of respect. A teacher should clearly explain to his students what actions or measures fall under respect. Even in simple things such as raising hands during class discussion, talking to classmates, caring for school property, following instructions from adults or talking to school janitors, respect should always be practiced.

Students life come great responsibilities. This value of being responsible is very important because this is where discipline begins. A teacher’s way of training students to be responsible is to give them various tasks ranging from homeworks, assignments and projects. However, responsibility is a broad word that can be broken down. For example, a teacher assigns a homework to be submitted the following day. Students should comply it by submitting it on time because that is the responsible act to do. This task can be broken down if one teacher will require that the homework should be placed on her table the following day while the other teacher may require that the homework be placed in a homework file under the name of a student.

Kindness is another value that must be inculcated in the classroom. The word is vague, so the teacher must define it and set regulations that his students can follow. One example where students can practice kindness is during group sharing or group activities wherein each student is encourage by his teacher to work attentively, quietly and cooperatively with the other members of his group.

A teacher is responsible for the safety of his students. Thus, he should set regulations that uphold the value of safety wherein, if possible, no cases of accidents will take place in the classroom. For example, in a Science Laboratory class where an experiment is taking place, a teacher should always remind students to follow the step by step procedures for safety purposes.

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Amera Khanam
Posted on May 6, 2011