ChristianMingle vs ChristianCafe vs Review of the Best Christian Dating Sites

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Christian Mingle is the economic option for those who want to try one full month at a time, but still want the Christian-run feel. The Christian Cafe site is perfect for people who want to make sure they will be connected to the right kind of Christian. T

If you’re a strong believing Christian, it can be hard to find the right dating sites. Most of the sites out there are either secular, or very limited in what they offer. Fortunately, there are a few out there that will fulfill your particular needs. The perfect dating site for you as a Christian will depend on exactly what you’re looking for.

Christian Mingle

It’s always nice to have a dating site that is specifically for Christians. This one greets you with a “Psalms 37:4” verse- “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” The joining process is free and only takes a few minutes.  Their tagline is “Find God’s match for you.”


Prices can fluctuate year to year but this is a basic price list for membership beyond the trial.

-1 month costs $29.99

-3 month costs $59.95

-6 month cost $89.95 ($15 or so per month)


-Free Profile: You can even browse profiles without a paid membership as well.

-Huge Member Base-Thousands of Profiles for Major Cities on Average.

-Submit Prayer Requests- The site links you to a place where you submit prayer requests to get prayer on a particular issue you’re having. The site is called

-Strong Christian Filtering Process- The process of joining asks questions including ones about the following.

  • Church denomination you grew up with.
  • How often you attend church,
  • What church you attend now

-Christian Chat Rooms

-Christian Instant Messenger

-Bible Options- This includes a free bible passage lookup feature,

-Worship Center

Click through your signup questions quickly-there's a lot of them! Check out your progress in the top bar.

Christian Café

Christian Café is Christian owned, and it’s been matching Christian singles since 1999. The site is currently available to members from diverse countries like the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines and many others.


-1 Month: $34.97

-3 Month: $47.97

-6 Month-$77.97

 Click on exactly what you want for "Church involvement" from "attend occasionally" to "Pastor-minister."

Check out the "Christian faith" section where you can go from "I believe in God," to "It defines who I am."

Search based on any of the profile details and get results.


-Christian Owned

-Ten Day Trial- This is actually a 7 day trial, but you can get 3 more by posting photos.

-Free Search without Signing Up- One advantage ChristianCafe has over Christian Mingle is that you don’t have to go through the process of signing up in order to do a search.

-60k monthly visitors

-Strongest Christian Filtering- Your profile includes a “Faith” section that includes picking your denomination. It includes “7-day Adventist,” but doesn’t include Mormon or Jehovah’s witness. The “Christian faith” drop-down menu will tell how committed the person is to their faith, so you can search based on that. The “Church involvement” section is way deeper than Christian Mingle too.

-Block Members-

-Huge Variety of Options- You have more options for searching here than on a lot of other sites. You can search based on eye color even, for example. Just about any of the profile answers, including the Christian ones, are searchable so you can really get some results fast.

** is a huge dating site that isn’t Christian oriented specifically. You can still search the site for other Christian of course, but since this isn’t the focus of the site you can end up with a lot of stuff that you don’t want. This is the trade-off of You get a truly huge number of people, but at the same time you get everything that comes with that, which can be a lot of secular messages. The site serves 25 countries with more than 8 languages. It’s on 5 continents and has offices all over the place including Dallas, Hollywood, Tokyo, Rio De Janiero, and Beijing. It was founded by Gary Kremen in 1993. Its alexa ranking is 368 out of the hundreds of millions of sites and more online.


-Facebook App and More- has a lot of app support including for Facebook and Mobile. The Facebook integration is nice too, so you can share your activities with others in your network.

-Huge User Base of 17 Million- These users visit the site around 93 million times per month. This means you can even find users in remote areas, though obviously only a small percentage of these will be Christians.

-Access the Entire Database-You don’t have to worry about only seeing a small part of the database based on premium members or anything else.

Head to Head

Christian Filtering- Christian Café is the best at this hands down. Christian Mingle does a pretty good job as well, of course, but Christian Café allows you to say how much you go on missions, how important this is to you, and so on with a lot more options. only allows you to pick “Christian” in general for your religion, though you can choose “Christian-Protestant, Christian-Catholic, and Christian-Other,” now, as well as add whether any of these is a deal breaker.

Size-You can’t really beat for size, though it’s harder to say how many of these are Christians. But even if it’s something as small at 10 percent, that would still be millions per month as opposed to the more modest thousands, seen by the Christian specific sites.

Price-Christian Mingle has the best price for 1 month, though if you buy longer subscriptions you’ll obviously save more money per month.

Click the "Start Matching" button in blue to get results right away.