Choosing A Home Dumbell Set: Metal Vs. Vinyl And Plastic

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I was going through some physical therapy, post-motorcycle accident. Once I was able to walk again on two feet after a broken right ankle, I had to concentrate on getting my torn right rotator cuff in shape without surgery. The physical therapy was good but slow and I had time on my hands. I decided to follow the recommended exercises for the shoulder with supplementary work of my own at home.

First thing I had to do was get a set of dumbbells. I decided to build the set on my own rather than getting the 5 that came with various weights. I started at the bottom with 1 lb. dumbbells. I always tried to purchase 2 of the same weight at the same time, so later I could do both arms instead of neglecting my left arm. But, at first I only worked the right arm.

I lifted to the side and to the front. Then I moved on to the 2 lb. weights. I went all the way up to a 5 lb pair of dumbbell weights. After following the exercises, within six months my right rotator cuff was as good as before.

I chose my sets through various websites. The only problem was that shipping was a bit high, because after all dumbbell sets are kind of heavy, especially if you are ordering more than one. had affiliates which it recommended which were in reality the well-known sports stores that you have all heard of, e.g. The Sports Authority.

It is not necessary to buy the expensive metal dumbbell sets unless you are going into a career in weightlifting. For that, you will need some more serious weight training equipment. For therapeutic purposes or just for muscle tone the plastic/vinyl types will do. The day of the plastic making sounds because it is filled with sand are thankfully gone. Save your money by buying the economy dumbbells and you will have more money to buy more dumbbells (and perhaps a new motorcycle). Don't worry the vinyl sets are quite durable and will last.

The right dumbbell set is the one that you can afford and feels right in your hands. If you buy one at a time you will know which type is good for you and supplement that type with different weight sizes. If the set is comfortable and serves its purpose in getting you back to health and giving some muscle tone, yes, it is the right dumbbell set.