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CheapOAir vs. BookIt vs. Airfare.com: Airline Booking Sites Reviewed

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CheapOAir.com, Airfare.com and BookIt.com are all reputable online travel booking sites however they are not all suitable to all travelers as their services vary. Compare their pros and cons as well as which offers the lowest prices.

When comparing Airfare.com, CheapOAir.com and BookIt.com it becomes clear that one of the sites offers a multitude of services which the other two don't. However depending where you are traveling and what your travel requirements are you may find one of these sites preferable over the others.

The bottom line is which site offers the lowest prices and provides what you are looking for, each of these sites has its pros and cons but when comparing prices the lowest prices were consistently offered by one of these sites.

When choosing which site to use consider:

  • Which offers the lowest price.
  • Which gives the best customer service.
  • Which of these sites meets your personal travel requirements

The services offered by these sites are not identical which makes your choice of which site to use a little easier.


john doe
Posted on Mar 15, 2011
James R. Coffey
Posted on Feb 16, 2011
Rae Morvay
Posted on Feb 15, 2011

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