Charter of Rights Fiasco

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The charter of rights is about to be rewritten obliging people to avoid wearing certain religious insignia or garb in provincial buildings. This is the same province with a racist past having permitted slavery in the 1700s but on the surface it is a very

This opinion has been fueled by the recent declaration  of the Marois government that a new Charter of rights will prevail preventing people from expressimg their religious affiliation in Quebec offices. I thought the church and state had been separated centuries ago but it really hasn’t when the provincial government can dictate what an individual can wear around his neck as he enters a provincial offices and that item does not affect his working ability. So for the separatist government it helps to show how keen they are in completing their mandate for an independent country which is fine asfar as it is concerned but what about the thousands of jobs that have been lost and not recovered while the government heads in another direction? Apparently there are two reactions to this one favorable for the minority government looking to gain support in outlying regions that are not terribly multiculturally conscious. Recently one mayor in northern Quebec was cited for a racist reaction to the wearing of the hijab. It appears that he is one of many such officials with a low tolerance to an uncommon dress code that is becoming more common in urban centers. The other reaction is that people will accept this new version of telling people how to dress in public that will influence the passive to conform and irritate others to react through their local representatives or even legal action. From a civil rights point of view forcing the elimination of crosses, stars of David and crescents will be looked at as ridiculous by the outside world and as a grave sign of intolerance. Quebec has been the open of immigrants who were welcome for their diversity and now they will not be allowed to weartheir signature garb that complements that diversity. Once more where they are needed to occupy jobs that Quebecois no longer do, what will happen if they decide not to emirate here because there is less freedom of expression? And the job issue continues to plummet.

The calgary mayor in reaction to this has invited Quebecers to come to his city where diversity is well accepted and there is more respect for what constitutes part of the the inherent culture of the immigrant and new Canadian.