Characteristics of the Shinese Dog: a Shih Tzu and Pekingese Hybrid

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Crossing the shih tzu and the pekingese gives rise to a hybrid called shinese. The shinese makes for a very good pet and it is good to know their characteristics.

Characteristics of the Shinese Dog: a Shih Tzu and Pekingese hybrid

The shinese dog is a cross between two purebreds-shih tzu and Pekingese. It is not a breed in itself but a hybrid. As a result of being mixed, the shinese can display characteristics that are from either parental purebred. They make really cute and loving pets.

Shih tzu characteristics

The shih tzu originated in China and is also called the chinese lion dog. It is a small dog, slightly more long than tall, and can weigh up to 16 pounds. It has a short muzzle, large, dark eyes  and long, silky hair that tends to grow very quickly and requires much grooming. Its coat come in a variety of colours: gold, light and dark brown, black and white.

The shih tzu is a very energetic and playful, lap dog. It is very loving and protective of  its family. Though small, the shih tzu can be very tough [it is not uncommon to see them trying to attack dogs much larger than themselves[ and it has a stubborn streak.

Shih tzus require much exercise but that is easy as they love to romp. Their long coats need a lot of grooming which can be quite costly. They do not do well under hot and humid conditions. They are house pets, they cannot live outside.

Pekingese characteristics

Also originating in China, the Pekingese is a little smaller than the shih tzu [weighing about 14 pounds on average]. It has a flat face and a muscular body that hangs low, near to the ground. Its coat also comes in several colours; gold, red and sable are most common.

Though playful to its family, the Pekingese is a more independent and aloof dog. It is a very courageous and stubborn breed, not backing from any fight. It is very protective of its companions.

Like the shih tzu, the coat of the Pekingese needs constant combing and grooming. This breed cannot withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures; it can easily die from heat frustration. It is also a house pet. 

Combined characteristics

The resultant combination of these two breeds can be very pleasing. You get the extremely playful [fun, fun all the time] disposition of the shih tzu. This makes for a happy pet, very good with children and can cheer you up anytime. On the other hand, the shinese can adopt the wary, independent nature of the Pekingese. This makes the pet a good watch dog. Of course, the shinese may resemble more of one breed than the other. In any case, they make really sweet companions.  


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