Changes in Boys and Girls During Puberty

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Many changes take place in boys and girls during puberty.

Many changes take place among boys and girls during the puberty stage. Puberty is the stage when boys and girls undergo a lot of changes in their body and behaviors. The changes are not the same in each child but between 11 and 15, the girls start to change; while boys start to change between 12 and 16. The changes differ for each individual. Some develop fast while others develop at a slower pace.

What are the changes that take place in boys and girls during puberty?

  • Physical Changes

Physical changes occur in boys and girls during puberty. These are changes in body structure and physical appearance. The height increases as well as weight. To some boys and girls, they grow fast so the tendency is for them to become very tall in a short span of time. Other children undergo normal rate of growth while others undergo slow growth.

Puberty is also the time when the sexual organs of boys and girls develop and mature. Girls also may start menstruating which means that they can already produce egg cells and the boys also are able to produce sperm cells. The age when each change starts is not the same for each individual but most girls and boys undergo all these changes.

During puberty boys start to develop their Adam ’s apple and they develop broader shoulders and larger muscles; although some boys do not develop big muscles. In girls, they develop larger breasts and wider hips. Although boys and girls differ in some changes they both grow hair in their private parts and in their underarms.

More changes take place as boys and girls mature. The early stages of changes may cause some problems such as pimples and acne. Some may also experience change in skin texture.

All of these are part of growing up in both boys and girls.

  • Changes in Behavior and Attitudes

During puberty, both boys and girls also experience changes in their behavior and attitudes. Many boys and girls feel uncomfortable when they suddenly grow big and tall especially if it is an abrupt change. The puberty age is the age of uncertainty for boys and girls since they are not anymore considered children but they cannot be considered adults. They are in between the two stages so the tendency is for them to be often confused.

While many boys and girls do not experience a drastic change and they act in a normal way, many boys and girls develop lack of self-confidence and awkward feelings especially if they grow pimples or acne on their face. Some boys and girls who grow so fast will feel out of place among their peers.

  • Changes in Likes, Interests and dislikes

Many changes take place when boys and girls start to mature. There are no more young girls and boys toys. Girls begin to be conscious of their physical looks and they change their toys with young women’s things such as bags, ribbons, headbands, photo albums or diaries. Boys will also have different interests. They sometimes begin idolizing successful men who eventually become their hero.

Some boys and girls stop playing and they start going out with their peers instead. They also start distancing themselves from their parents.

All these changes in boys and girls are caused by growth hormones which are normal for their age.



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