Chamomila: A Homeopathic Remedy

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Chamomila is the homeopathic remedy name for the herb corn feverfew and is part of the Compositae family. It is also known as matricaria chamomilla and German chamomille.

Chamomila is a homeopathic remedy used primarily for child-birth and teething but is useful for so much more. It is another must have in your homeopathic first aid kit.

Chamomila is the homeopathic remedy name for the herb corn feverfew and is part of the Compositae family. It is also known as matricaria chamomilla and German chamomille.

It is common to sandy areas of Europe, and grows in fields among corn and wheat. Chamomila has been used more recently as a soothing drink before bedtime – as camomile tea. What many people are unaware of is that if it is taken daily, or even very regularly, it is prone to having the opposite effect. So someone taking it in the hope that it will help them sleep will benefit from a mug of tea every now and again but it will keep them awake and restless if taken often.

Below are the main health issues Chamomila can aid but they are specific, so a description of the symptoms are therefore included. If, for example, you have earache where the pain is not aching, pressing, stitching, tearing or unbearable, then Chamomila may not be necessary in that case and it would be advised to look to another remedy.


Cough – Where the cough is dry during sleep, tickling, irritating and mucus tastes bitter. Cough tends to be worse at night and most common in children.


Diarrhoea – Where it is painful, stools are greenish and smell of rotten eggs and is common in teething children.


Earache – Where the pains are aching, pressing, stitching, tearing or unbearable and it is worse for bending down and for wind.


Fever – Where the heat is burning and one-sided and is accompanied with both thirstiness and shivering. Tends to be worse around mid-morning and is a result of anger. This type of fever is where the face is hot, as is the breath but the body will be chilly/cold. Face can sweat after the person eats.


Flatulence – When the stomach tends to be bloated.


Insomnia – When accompanied with sleepiness. Insomnia can be a result of pain, stimulants such as tea/coffee, anger, or too much chamomila tea – this includes in the case of babies. This can also occur in people who are restless.


Joint pain – Where the pain is violent and tends to be accompanied by numbness. The pain can cause person to get out of bed during the night, as walking around eases it a little.


Labour pains – Where the pains are distressing and severe, to unbearable. This is when the person says things like they cannot bear the pain and they want to die. Can be very angry and impatient while cervix could be slow to dilate.


Period problems – where the period is painful and the blood is clotted. Anger is an issue here and periods could be more frequent or even earlier than usual as a result of getting angry.


Teething – Where it is painful in children and the cheeks are hot and red; pale and cold; red spots on one cheek. Again, pains will be unbearable and the child will cry out in sleep. This is also used in cares where sleep is restless, they have diarrhoea and also green stools. It tends to be worse when in a hot bed, on having warm foods or drinks and for any pressure. Child could potentially have one red/hot cheek or a patchy cheek and one pale cold one.


Toothache – in children where pain is unbearable and it is worse when given warm drinks/food or for pressure or, as mentioned above, warmth in bed. Chewing anything will make it much worse, as it hurts. A cough or diarrhoea may accompany but not in all cases.


Vomiting – Where being sick is easy and you bring up bile. This type of sickness will be brought about by anger.

Chamomila is an excellent remedy for the teething baby, a woman in labour or insomnia. Anger is a main focal point with this remedy and any symptoms resulting from anger should be compared to the list above. It is very useful in cases where the child is irritable or an adult has unbearable pain. A baby that insists on being carried around but who will cry loudly if held still is a good candidate for this remedy.


As with all homeopathic remedies, it is a good idea to confer with a professional homeopath who can take any conventional medications into account but Chamomila is generally very good for any teething baby or a woman in labour.


Chamomila is an exceptional remedy for your homeopathic first aid kit. Although this remedy is not harmful, it is always wise to consult a professional homeopath when requiring new remedies.


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Source: The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro



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