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Challenges of Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad is a learning experience filled with challenges for living in foreign environments with different cultures and traditions, while being immersed in academics.

Challenges of living in foreign environments with different cultures and traditions, while being immersed in academics are part of studying abroad and for most students it is a learning experience filled with adventure. If you have already chosen the country and location, you need to do some research on the area, for housing, food and transportation systems and population status.  Talk with someone who is familiar with the area, the information will help to make your trip a cherished memory. Most academic programs have information about the academic rules and laws in the area. For your own safety in a foreign country, read the rules for studying abroad, and stay out of trouble.

No matter where students reside, a budget needs to be established for daily necessities and a few unexpected situations or emergencies. Meet with academic staff and be sure to have all course work and materials ready, and get your school schedules and any interactive field or course studies before taking time away to discover your new surroundings. Take advantage of the breaks in your class schedules and explore the foreign county. Take the time to get to know the culture, venture out and interact with other students and the local community. The interaction helps to create a balance between your home life and your studying experience.

Studying abroad offers an opportunity for some amazing personal growth, while students experience each country’s approach to life. No matter where you are there will always be adjustments, finding the best method that works for you is part of the learning curve that you will use throughout life. You will begin to realize that the longer you stay in the country the more you begin to adopt the country’s behavior. Of course when you return to home, you will need to go through a reversal adjustment, back to the native culture and behaviors. The skill and ability to adapt to changes will become second nature.

Most students find studying abroad and having to learn a different language is one of the most challenging aspects to the experience. Not being able to communicate can affect academic studies and daily activities. Find a study mate who can help to strengthen your language skills. Take it slow and give yourself time to build new friendships and professional relationships that you will take with you after returning home. Be sure to remember how fortunate you are to be able to travel and live in a foreign country, expanding your knowledge of the world and appreciation of its cultures.



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Posted on Aug 30, 2011
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Posted on Aug 30, 2011

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