Castle TV Show Episode Summary for Season 3, Episode 4 Feat. a Delorean, Kate Beckett's Boyfriend and the Victorian Era

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Episode summary for Castle's episode 4 from season 3.

I started writing Grey’s Anatomy’s episode summaries for Season 7 and I decided to cover at least this episode of Castle (Season 3, Episode 4) as well.

Castle Season 3: Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Castle is a murder mystery with a sense of humor and a touch of the necessary drama. Watching a thriller and trying to guess the killer is typically more fun than reading about it. But if you are a Castle fan who missed this episode, this article will update you on what happened. If you haven’t watched it before, you might want to check out this introduction post: Castle starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and if you are a writer, you might be interested in the article Why Every Writer Should Watch ABC’s Mystery Thriller Castle.

Please note that the following summary will include spoilers.

Richard Castle (Nathan Fllion) is disappointed that his teenage daughter Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) mentioned to her grandmother Martha (Susan Sullivan) that she might be in love but didn’t talk to him about it. While he is worried that he no longer might be “the cool dad”, Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) calls him with another intriguing murder case. A 25-year-old male is found shot to death with one single bullet, wearing nothing but an expensive pair of boxer shots.

The case gets more complicated as they later find out that he was a math genius who worked at Wall Street and practically had no social life. When their coroner Lanie (Tamala Jones) finds out that the bullet that killed the guy was 200 years-old, Castle starts making up stories about a time-traveling killer.

As it turns out, the bullet came from an antique gun and one of the collectors also invested millions of dollars in a risky fund created by the victim. He has also threatened to kill him.

However, no case is solved that fast and easily in Castle. Apparently, that antique gun-owner hasn’t killed the guy. As much as Castle was wrong about time travel, nothing else much made sense as the victim’s car turned out to be a DeLorean- the very car Marty McFly drove in the Back to the Future movie series. The car led them to his clothes and the clothes seemed to be from Victorian times. Coroner Lanie finds out that the victim may not have been so defenseless after all, as he has also fired a gun – a very similar antique gun with a similar type of bullet. Back at the crime scene, Castle realizes that two people were in fact having an old-fashioned duel.

Their other potential suspect, the son of one of the investors (who lost money, and was left by his wife and eventually committed suicide), turned to have an alibi but the alibi let them to a secret society/club where men and women dressed and acted as if it was 1892. There, they find the guns and also run into the victim’s co-worker – who previously had lied to them about pretty much anything.

Back at the station, he admits to the duel. But he didn’t mean to kill the victim. In fact, being the math whiz he was, the victim had persuaded him that shooting at each other from 40 feet away with those guns and not missing was impossible.

Castle and Beckett test this theory at the shooting range and realize it is in fact impossible to hit your target. Lanie’s final report reveals that the bullet that killed the victim didn’t come from the guns they found at the clubs, even though they were the guns used at the duel. This leads them back to the crime scene and the fact that there was a third shooter, taking advantage of the duel. The killer was in fact the dead/bankrupt father’s avenging son.

In between solving the crime, Castle manages to walk in on her daughter and the boyfriend making out. The boy turns out to be nice and Alexis tells Castle exactly how she feels about the boy and Castle goes back to being the cool dad. Unfortunately, he is in for another surprise as a tall, dark and handsome stranger named Josh (Victor Webster) drops by the station to pick Beckett up, apparently for a date…


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