Carter's vs Gymboree: Baby Clothing Stores Compared

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Carter’s will appeal to those who would rather search a bit online, but actually go to a physical store to purchase baby clothing. This is due to some of their rewards programs which emphasize this. Gymboree is a good choice if you’re someone focusing

Anyone who’s dealing with trying to keep their baby clothed knows how quickly you need to go through clothes. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that you know what styles and features are available at baby clothing stores ahead of time so you can buy them quick when you need them. Here are two major baby clothing stores including a comparison of what they offer.


Carter’s also has OshKosh as a sister store, and you can click on the tab for the other store right at the top of the site. The store has a lot of unique stuff like Halloween costumes. But it covers all of the basics too like activewear, tops and bottoms, bodysuits, swimwear, shoes, and accessories.


  • 20% Off Next Purchase-There are often coupons that come up at Carter’s that gives you 20% off your next purchase as long as it’s at least $40. You just need to add a little info into the box that come sup including your email address.
  • $6 Flat Rate Shipping-You can get shipping for just $6 no matter how much you spend, with some potential exceptions.
  • Carter’s Rewards-The Rewards program for Carter’s gives you $10 for every $50 you spend in the physical store. You can redeem this on anything including sales items, though it doesn’t count for gift cards. This does have to be for one transaction though, and it does have to be at a physical location.
  • Occasional Free Shipping Sales-You’ll get the occasional sales that gives you free shipping, but these come and go so you have to watch out for them.
  • Ship to Over 80 Countries-Carter’s will ship to more than 80 countries throughout the world.
  • Live Chat-If you click on the blue “chat with us online” button in the bottom left corner of the site, you can get help right away. It will make  a new window show up, then you only have to wait a minute or two before getting an agent to talk t for help with the site. There are even options at the top of the new window for emailing the conversation or printing it out. This option seems to come and go, however.
  • Doorbusters-You can check out the doorbusters savings online to see what’s available.


Gymboree definitely seems focused on giving deals and extras to those seeking baby clothing on a budget. Many of the items on the site have a “Special offer” sale going on of some variety. They also have the Refer a Friend Program which gives you $20 for every person you refer who makes a purchase, which is fairly generous. There’s also a number of credit cards and rewards programs that give you extra bonuses here and there as well.


  • Free Shipping Deals with no Minimum-This is for standard U.S. shipping, but ti doesn’t require any minimum purchase or coupon. This does seem to be a promotion that comes and goes though.
  • Gymboree Credit Card with 5% Off All Purchases-If you sign up with the Gymboree Visa card, you’ll get 5% off all clothing at Gymboree. You also get a 1% reward on purchases, 20% off your first purchase and a $10 enrollment bonus.
  • Refer a Friend Program-If you refer a friend and they make their first purchase, they can get 24% off this purchase, and you can get $20 out of the deal. This is only for their first purchase, however.
  • Gymbucks-The Rewards program for Gymboree gives you $25 for every $50 you spend in Gymbucks, but there are limitations, for example you can only redeem them inside and online, and the money amount isn’t exactly the same for US dollars.

Head to Head


The support features for Carter’s include a contact number at 877-333-0117. There’s also an “email us” link in blue in the bottom left, and a live chat option. You can also contact them through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There’s a store locator for finding the one closest to you, and the store definitely emphasizes their physical locations over their online offerings.

The contact link for Gymboree is in the bottom left corner. The number is 1-877-449-6932 and they have hours until 6 PT on weekdays and until 3 or 4 on weekends. There’s also an email form on this page that has only one screen so you don’t have to fill out info endlessly.

Overall, Carter’s definitely gives you the sense that they’d rather you came to their stores in person than did too much online. The site seems a bit buggy with the live chat option sometimes working, and sometimes just disappearing altogether.  Gymboree has more offers on the site, including their program for referring a friend, and their various sales.


An example of some unique baby clothing from Carter’s is their Mini Martian Halloween costume, which goes for $24. There’s also astronaut, elephant, monkey and other costumes all available for the same price as well. Another example is a 3-piece cardigan set that goes for $20 for a baby boy, or the $12 baby bear fleece jumpsuit.

Gymboree doesn’t have quite the same stuff as Carter’s, but an example of something similar is their fleece pullover which is $7 during sales. They also have a bear hoodie which goes for $16. It does seem like Gymboree has a whole lot of items that are on sale, practically all the clothes that come up during searches have some kind of special offer available where the current cost is half or a third of the normal cost. There are actually a number of hoodies with this theme including the Monster Hoodie or the Dino Hoodie, which all go for $16 on sale, though this is called “Special Offer!” with yellow text on the site.

Overall, Gymboree comes across as the cheaper option between the two, largely because of the sheer number of sales that Gymboree does day after day. The exact offerings between the sites are different, but they do have a similar theme with lots of animals knitted into clothing featuring prominently. 

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