Caring for Your Vera Bradley Purse or Bag

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Vera Bradley purses are beautiful. Taking care of them properly will extend the life of you Vera Bradley purse or bag.

I love my Vera Bradley purses and bags, and try to take very good care of them. Because most are made of 100% cotton, they need to be handled a little differently than other purses.

I have many Vera Bradley Bags and love them all. Since they are made of a cotton fabric they can become stained. Don't despair, you can have them looking like new again, but you need to be aware of the steps for caring for this type of bag.

Care of Bag

These bags are not as durable as a leather bag. Try not to place the bag on the floor where it might get stepped on. Be careful not to drag the bag across any rough surfaces. This will cause damage to the bag over time by fraying the fabric. Also it's important not to over fill them as they can lose their shape and fabric can be stretched.

Prepare to Wash

One of the nice things about the Vera Bradley cotton bags is that some are washable. Most of the bags have instructions on washing on the inside tag. If the cardboard base is not removable, you should NOT wash the bag. Before washing you should make sure that all the zippers and snaps are closed. Remove the cardboard base from the purse. You will want to place your purse in a mesh bag or in a pillow case before placing it in the washer. This will protect the bag from the interior of the washing machine.  

Spot Treat

If there are any bad stains on the bag, you will want to spot treat. Anything you use to spot treat, however, should be tested on an inconspicuous part of the bag to make sure it does not damage the fabric or the color. Wash it on a delicate cycle in cold water. If you use hot water, this will cause your Vera Bradley bag to fade and possibly shrink or lose shape. You will also want to use a gentle detergent. There are detergents available for delicate items. Normal detergents are a little too harsh and will also cause fading to occur.

Drying Your Vera Bradley Bag

Once your purse is finished washing, remove it from the bag you used to wash it in. DO NOT DRY your Vera Bradley bag in the dryer. This will cause the bag to fade more quickly over time. Open up all the zippered areas and pockets to allow for air to get to it and hang the bag to dry.

Your Vera Bradley bag will give you many years of use. If cared for properly, your bag will retain it's shape and color for a very long time. You will not want to wash your bag unless it really needs cleaning. No matter how careful you are cotton fabrics will lose a little of their brightness each time you wash them. You will probably be able to carefully wash your bag for a couple of times before washing causes it to fade. I carry my bag every day and am careful with it. I wash it only when necessary, so don't think you can wash it every week. I never dry it in the dryer. I love my Vera Bradley bag.


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