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Knoji reviews products and up-and-coming brands we think you'll love. In certain cases, we may receive a commission from brands mentioned in our guides. Learn more. will work well if you’re looking for some speed when it comes to getting a sitter, since you can post a job without even leaving the main site. Urbansitter has the cheapest subscription fee, and it also has good features if you want to find sit

Vetting a babysitter to the point that you trust them with your children can be frustrating and a seemingly interminable process. The thing is, there are now plenty of sites online that can handle this for you, ensuring dependability in a number of different ways. Here are a few examples of such sites so you can see for yourself which will work for you. has an intuitive interface making it easy for caregivers and people who need caregivers to find each other. You can just click on the button for “Find Care” in green to get started right from the main page. There’s also a “child care” button for going right to what you need as well.  There are over 15 million members of that span over 16 different countries. There are a number of filters on the site for easily finding the care you want, including searching by religion, time of day, country, or languages spoken.


  • Date Night-You can click the green “find sitter” button right from the main site under the date night area., fill out the date , time and location without leaving the main page, add information about your kids and ages, what sorts of care they’ll need such as bedtime or dinner, add preferred payment and a message, and then hit the “green “post” button to post a job right from this box instantly. It’s definitely faster than having to go from page to page.
  • HomePay Tax and Payroll Support-Filing taxes when you pay a sitter regularly can be complicated, but the Home Pay features from the site will let you pay taxes for nannies automatically.
  • Do Background Checks-You can check background checks and references right from the site.


Urbansitter has been featured in many prominent publications including Wired, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Mashable. The site has more than 50,000 caregivers in 60 cities in the United States.


  • Repeat Family Rubric-You can check to see which babysitters get asked back by the same families over and over again as a way to check dependability.
  • Check Reviews from Parents You Know-The site actually lets you login with social media like Facebook and Linkedin in order to check to see if anyone you know is using the site. That way you can see what sitters they are using themselves, which can give you some peace of mind when it comes to making sure that you trust the sitters you use.
  • Mobile for iOS and Google Play-Urbansitter actually added the GooglePlay version of their app relatively recently. You can find babysitters while you’re on the move, including booking jobs and paying. The app also allows for calling or messaging sitters right from your mobile devices as well.


Sittercity is approved by the BBB and has information online through the Fortune 500 Inc. site as well. The site serves over 33 cities nationwide. The site has been active for 11 years.


  • Connect to Local Sitters Automatically-The site reads your IP address when you login and automatically fills out your local area. This means you can just fill out a few things and sign up right from the main page.
  • In-person Interviews-Sittercity lets you actually schedule in-person interviews once you’ve shortlisted some possible candidate through phone interviews.
  • BBB Accredited-Sittercity has a B from the Better Business Bureau in their home location in Chicago. This rating is based on factors including how they responded to their 70+ complaints in the last 3 years.
  • App Available-There’s an app available for Sittercity as well, including both iOS and Google Play. This includes instant notifications on your phone for when you get messages or applications from local sitters.
  • Free Membership for Military Members-If you hit the “Activate here” link on the main page under “Military Families,” you can get free membership for the site. You have to be in Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force or in Active Duty for the Reserve or the Guard. But if you are, then the membership is paid for by the Department of Defense.

Head to Head


The site lets you run background checks on nannies and babysitters, as well as check the references that they post. The support features are found under the “Help” link in the bottom left. The new page has a “Contact us” link. This does make you go through a bunch of hoops to finally get to an agent though.  Eventually you get an email form.

Support features for Urbancity are under the “Faqs & Support” link which is under the “Company” subheading in blue at the bottom left corner of the site. This is mostly material for answering questions. The email address is actually under “Pricing” and elsewhere on the site.

The “contact us” link in the bottom of the page for Sittercity gives you access to an email form. This is straightforward and only one page. There’s also a phone number at 866-205-5625. This is available weekdays until 4 PM CST.


Nanny pricing for can vary depending on who you get of course, but the HomePay program is $195 a per quarter. This service can help you figure out all of your nanny taxes automatically, as well as handle the payroll for you. There’s also a $95 charge at the end of the year for filing. Common nannies found on the site charge anywhere from $10 to $50 per hour. Their experience ranges from 4 to 7 years at the low end. Signing up appears to be free, but long term membership will cost $147 for annual membership.

Membership for Urbansitter is $100 a year, or $15 a month if you go monthly. You can also get a free preview as well. This doesn’t include the actual cost of sitters though. But it lets you find sitters quickly. You can view candidates for free, but not book them.

Sittercity charges $140 for a year. You can post jobs and view sitter messages for free though. But responding to messages will cost.