CarbonicHeat: the Thinnest Heat Film on Market for Radiant Floor Heating Applications

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carbonic heat

Doing a small tile job for one of my costumers, one time he showed me the heating floor that he would like to install in his house. I was first skeptical about it, but decided to give it a try. It wasnt easy for the first time, but with help of reps i got it all figured out and even ended up installing it my own bathrooms that i was remodeling at that time.

It is a basement bath, so having a heated floor was a big motivation for me. The heat film he recommended is literally paper thin and perfectly smooth in thickness. Plus it radiates a constant temperature across the entire heat film providing a uniform heat distribution over the entire floor surface and into the room itself. Now i don't even turn on heat in that bathrooms.

After spending more time with a rep i found out more about the product. The film is only .45 mm - (1/60'') in thickness. CarbonicHeat Film is the newest and most advanced method of providing radiant heat to your home. It was invented in South Korea where radiant floor heat has been used for centuries and is patented in Korea, the United States, Canada, and patents applied for in 22 European countries as well as Japan, China, and Australia.

Per the rep, today, 90% of Koreans use under floor radiant heating in their homes, even though he was not from Korea him self, but looking at the technology and experiencing hands on, i believed him. After the successful installation and bathroom remodel, i was impatiently waiting for the energy bill to come in and slap me across the face with outstanding charges for the heating floor, since i had it on 24/7, at 25C, for over two weeks now. The mail man came over and after opening the bill i was surprised, in a good way. My bill increased only by about six dollars. I think this is a good deal for heating up the whole basement bath and also have a warm floor every time you step on it. Imagine waking up on a cold weather morning, still half a sleep, you walk into the bathroom and ahh, the best thing ever, its a marble floor and its warm even if you step on it with a bear feet.

Or even better, you come out of the shower and can walk right on the floor and not having to have those dirty old floor mats to step on, that you have to clean every week other wise they will smell and look discusting.  With all above said, Carbonic Heat is the far bet infrared heating technology that i even seen!

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Posted on Sep 21, 2010