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CalFinder review for contractor leads? Comparing CalFinder vs other contractor listing sites like Angies List, Service Magic and Renovation Experts.

I recently used to hire a general contractor for a kitchen remodel job. Overall I liked the results of the job and my experience with the website was excellent so I wanted to share my review.

CalFinder screens and recruits contractors who do kitchen and bath remodels, window replacements, and house painting jobs. They have hundreds of contractors in most US cities, and all of these are licensed and insured contractors. As customers hire these contractors they can report back their experience on the CalFinder website, so poor performing contractors are weeded out.

To use CalFinder, you simply select what type of job you're hiring for, enter some details, and then submit your request. In about 24 hours you'll get several estimates back from contractors in their system with detailed project estimates for your job. I found that the contractors who contacted me were very courteous and professional, and they all responded back in the timely manner (within a day) to most of my follow up questions.

I got the sense that there was a high level of quality and professionalism among CalFinder contractors. I liked that the estimates came back in an easy to read, standardized format, and I could look at very detailed information about each contractor, including photos of past work, certifications and licenses, and prior customer reviews.

CalFinder's website is also a great remodel project planning resource. They provide a whole range of remodel design examples - I found this to be very useful as I was planning out my remodel project - just seeing dozens of great-looking remodeled kitchens was a good way to add to add to my existing ideas.

Example bathroom remodel from the CalFinder website, check out their bathroom remodel gallery here.

Example kitchen remodel from the CalFinder website. More from their kitchen remodel gallery here.

CalFinder was founded in 2005 in Oakland, CA and has grown from a small site providing contractor leads to a nationwide service with thousands of contractors in over 80 cities in the US. The founders are homeowners themselves who were frustrated with the difficulty in finding quality contractors for home projects - and they've certainly done a great job in making that process much easier.

Is CalFinder available in my area? CalFinder has great coverage in most major US cities, but if you live in a smaller city you should try a test search on CalFinder and see how many results come up for you. The site is younger than some other similar sites like Craigslist and Angie's List - but I feel they do a great job, and better yet, the service is free to you. There's nothing to complain about there!

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Posted on Jan 3, 2011