Busuu.com Review - Is Busuu a Scam? Can You Learn Languages by Using Busuu?

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If you're trying to learn a new language, there are many options out there for you. However, before you take out your wallet and by that $500 Rosetta Stone project, consider some online language learning opportunities. Busuu is one of them. It is a websit

Busuu.com is one of very few online language websites that actually teaches the language you want to learn. But is Busuu.com better than other language learning websites, like Livemocha.com? And is it a legitimate website?

What are the Pros of Busuu?

  • Busuu has a Rosetta Stone-like learning system.
  • There is an Immense amount of learning content for a few languages so you can learn them as much as possible.
  • Busuu has a vibrant community with a very diverse amount of users. This is very important for any language learning program as it allows you to use the language you are learning with each other.
  • Busuu has a learning segment, a review segment, and a chat segment.
  • Busuu is visually appealing
  • Busuu offers "Busuu Berries" which show your profile viewers how much you have accomplished with the language you are trying to learn.

What are the Cons of Busuu?

  • Busuu currently offers only 9 languages for users to learn: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese.
  • Busuu has certain features locked for premium members only. The basics, however, are open for all users.
  • The monthly payment for Busuu, if you want to be a premium member, costs roughly $10 a month. A 1-year membership costs roughly $86. This is quite pricey for an online program, and there is no other way to unlock premium features (unlock Livemocha).
  • Because the community is quite lively, you may get numerous amounts of foreign speakers who want to practice your native language with you. This can be annoying, especially if you're in the middle of a Busuu language test session.
  • Busuu focuses purely on formal language speak, not informal.

Do I recommend Busuu? Should you pay for Premium monthly membership?

Busuu is definitely a great program for users just starting out. You will learn all the basic vocabulary words required for normal everyday conversations. You will learn how to communicate with other foreign users. However, when it comes to progressing your language learning beyond simple vocabulary words, Busuu does not do that. At least, not directly. You can still communicate with people speaking the language you are trying to learn via instant message box, but when it comes to actually talking you will need a more sophisticated program. I recommend Skype.

Should you pay for the Premium monthly membership? Nah. I don't recommend it since membership is on a timely basis and not many users use their membership to their advantage. You can definitely buy membership if you want IF you can dedicate at least 1 hours of learning every day.

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Behzad Ghashghaee
Posted on May 2, 2015