BullGuard Vs BitDefender Vs Avira: Antivirus Solutions Compared

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Bullguard has great all around functions and automation. It's good for parents and those just starting out who want a setup and forget type approach. Bit Defender is more of a full toolbox approach with real unique functions like the USB immunizer. It's

The truth is, these days it only takes one unfortunate chance event to pick up a virus and ruin a computer worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Thats why its important to get some anti-virus software thats really up to the task of keeping you safe on a day to day basis.



Bullguard isnt as well-known as some of the other options, but its full of just as many solutions. You can get Antivirus at the same time as mobile security solutions, for example. The software is known particularly for being good in blocking malware from getting on your computer in the first place. The parental controls are accessible from any browser.


-AV-Test Certified

-Win Xp and up Compatibility through Windows 8

-5 GB of Online Backup

-PC Tune-up package-By getting rid of unnecessary files, youll keep your computers memory free and running fast.

-Free New Version Upgrades


-Full Parental Controls-This includes limiting Internet time, monitoring activity, and clocking suspicious websites.

-Basic Spam Filter

-24/7 Support

Bit Defender

Bit Defender is an online staple. Many people swear by it for a good reason. Its won a slew of product awards over the years and many people stick to it for its continued excellence year by year.


-Windows Security Center Integration: Bit Defender integrates right into your computer to give you natural security status reports.

-Windows 8 App Scanner-If an apps been compromised, Bit defender will tell you without you needing to ask.


-Stops Phishing Scams: These scams can fool children into giving away private data otherwise.

-My Bitdefender portal Access

-File Shredder

-Parental Controls from multiple devices

-USB Immunizer: Any files that come from a USB are automatically cleansed of viruses.

-Startup Protection Bit Defender specifically aims to keep malware from reinfecting on startup. This is how a lot of malware never goes away. But Bit Defender stops it cold.


-PCmag Best Antivirus of 2013

-AV Product of the Year 2012

- AVBest repair 2013

Avira Antivirus

Aviras free option is world-famous by now with people who like free options. But the paid version adds a bunch more awesome stuff, and its worth checking out and trying out with the free trial.


Real Time Protection- Avira automatically blocks worms, viruses, rootkits and everything else before it can even infect your computer, which is the best time to stop it.

Ad-Blocker- After all, ads are basically slightly more benign viruses. Avira shuts them down.

Browser Safety Advisor- This installs in your web browser and prevents you from inadvertently going to dangerous sites. That way, Trojans cant get onto your system in the first place.

Ultralight Cloud Scanning-The AI in Avira keeps you safe without sucking up system resources.

Do Not Track Browser Feature-This lets you automatically shut down site cookies that would otherwise track your Internet doings.

Bottom Line

So, which is the best for you ? Whats the bottom line for each program? Well, it depends on what youre looking for. If you want-

Beginner Program- Bullguard tends to be good for beginners since it has lots of automation.

Cost Effective-Avira has one of the best free options, and its paid options are extremely cheap based on what you get. For a package deal, you only have to pay 25 dollars per year.

Block Everything-For being sure youll block everything, you cant go wrong with BitDefender since it has anti-spam, anti-phishing and even a USB virus blocker which very few other programs have.

Customer Reviews

Worth every cent. Ive been using BullGuard since 2010 and I love the peace of mind! Agnyz Kcus

(Avira) is my favorite Antivirus with no system slowdown. musicman4you

(Bitdefender) is without doubt the best on the market for years.-NebelB