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Bruno Mars: Debut Album Review

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A Review of Bruno Mars first CD.

Bruno Mars seems to have appeared on the music scene over night. His name and songs are floating everywhere. The television show "Glee" has even covered two of his songs already which usually only pays tribute to more established artists. "Doo-Woops and Hooligans is his debut album in which he already has comparisions to Michael Jackson to Jason Mraz.

Grenade is a catchy song with a pounding beat about a bad break up. It is a preteen favorite that parents will find themselves singing along as well. Break-up songs are good to start with because everyone can reach feelings of anger or pain but he maintains that edge while it is still fun to sing to.

Just The Way You Are was my favorite song of the summer. It is a girl's dream. Every girl wants the man in her life to think and say these words to her.

Our First Time is a mellow track about young love and their first sexual experience. The lyrics are a bit simple and repetitive.

This is a melodic jam about finding time to capture love and keeping it fresh.

The Lazy Song is a fresh track that has a melody and lyrics that are fun adding to the chilled vibe.

Marry You is a cover that is cheerful and fun much like Mars himself.

Talking to the Moon is a lush ballad about heartbreak especially in young love.


Liquor Store Blues features Damian Marley with a reggae beat.

Count on Me is another Jason Mraz type of song.

The Other Side features Cee Loo Green & B.o.B.

Bruno Mars is the future. Right now, I think he is somewhat confused as to who he is as an artist. He rides a thin line between commercial teen pop artist and indie singer-songwriter who dabbles in reggae and hip-hop. He needs to mature lyrically, and musically. He is one of my favorite young artists whose main obstacle requires time and growth. If he can break through the shell of trying to be taken seriously while wanting to maintain top forty status he will be a stand out in his generation.


Danny Hauger
Posted on Mar 1, 2011
James R. Coffey
Posted on Jan 10, 2011

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