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Broadvoice vs Vonage vs Phone Power: Pricing, Features & Quality Compared

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Broadvoice is a good option for those looking for more affordable rates with free extras like free international minutes. Vonage tends to have a lot of extra features like virtual numbers for easy local calling. Phone Power is the option you’ll likely w

A VoIP or IP phone is often an effective way to save money while handling your calls. Here are some services that use this approach including the pros for each.


Broadvoice is a VoIP phone service that offers both residential and business services. It emphasizes free extras like free international calling to certain countries. You simply plug your Broadvoice adapter into your router and then plug in the other part to your phone.


  • Live Chat-You can click on this box right at the top of the page in order to get some support right away. All you have to do is enter your relevant details to get started. If the live chat isn’t active right now, this will instead give you an email form.
  • Unlimited Calling for USA and Canada-A basic plan lets you call anyone in USA or Canada for free without any additional charge beyond the basic monthly fee. In some cases, you may also be able to call Puerto Rico.
  • Free Shipping-This seems to vary a bit, but they do ship the device to you for free in certain circumstances. For example, it looks like they ship it to you for free when you buy the $10 per month plan.
  • Use Your Mobile Device-You can connect your mobile phone to the VoIP device as well. There are a number of apps you can use such as having a block list, using a service that forwards your calls if the Internet goes down, and something called “find me, follow me” which makes it so that you never miss a call through call routing.



Vonage is known for being easy to set up when compared to other approaches.


  • Live Chat-If you’re looking for an agent to talk to and answer your questions, you can do this through the blue speaker box located in the bottom right corner of the site.
  • Virtual Numbers-You cans et up a virtual number where anyone who wants to can reach you just by making a local phone call.
  • Add Additional Phonelines Quickly-It’s easy to add extra phone lines to your plan through the site. You can also transfer old numbers as well.
  • Add Liens with Different Plans-Another important thing to note is that you don’t need to have all the line you add to your account added under the same plan. You can choose different planes for each line as they become available.
  • Choose Plans for Specific Countries-When you click on the plan link on the main site, you can choose what countries you plan on needing to call. Then you can call those countries by adding them to the plan. There’s the North America Plan, for example, which lets you call anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico or Mexico.


Phone Power

Phone Power has received a number of awards from different places like the Gold Award from Top Ten Reviews, for example. They have a lot of strong options when it comes to being able to make international calls to just about anywhere. None of their plans ever involve a contract, so you don’t have to worry about that.


  • Easy Google Voice Integration-Google Voice is a useful service that can handle voice mail for you as well as phone forwarding and other features like transcription of voice messages. Phone Power gives you similar functionality and is expert in transferring your Google Voice services over. This includes spoofing your Google Voice number if you want. It also includes letting you keep your Google Voice service.
  • Round the Clock Customer Service-You get customer service available every day of the week and all 24 hours of each day.
  • Plans with 75 Countries-The big plan on Phone Power is the International one where you can call over 75 different countries. It’s called “Unlimited World Plus.” If you want to go even higher than that, there’s also the “Unlimited World Premium,” which is $50 per month.

Head to Head


Broadvoice lets you pay $8.33 per month for basic service. This includes calling with your mobile phone and keeping your existing number. This includes paying up front, however. Otherwise, it’s $10 per month. You also get free shipping depending on the situation.

Vonage also costs $10 per month for basic service. This appears to be the best plan you can get most of the time, so it seems like Broadvoice is definitely a bit cheaper if you pay up ahead of time. It also looks like that even the $10 per month rate will only be available on a promotional basis for a few months half the time.

There’s a big difference between the plans available at Phone Power since the month to month plan is $25 per month if you want to call 75 countries with an international plan. There’s also a more basic plan for $8.33 per month, just like Broadvoice, with the usual unlimited calling to U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Features and Quality

One issue people sometimes site with Broadvoice is that there’s no conference calling. This means that, in terms of quality, it may not be as effective for businesses that are larger and need to handle more people on the line at once.

Vonage gets good reviews online as far as quality is concerned, they are known for their versatile plans and features, such as giving you the ability to choose exactly which countries you’re going to need calling so that your plan corresponds to your needs as perfectly as possible.

Phone Power features plans with huge coverage for international calling such as the one that lets you call 75 different countries. As far as quality is concerned, it’s won many awards from places like Top Ten Reviews, Deloitte, Inc. 500, Editor’s Choice and others. There are also a number of other options you get with each plan such as being able to send faxes, getting free cloned second lines, keeping your current phone number, and even their 20-day moneyback guarantee and mobile phone app, similar to other options that you often get. 


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