"Bridalplasty" Cast, Full List of Contestants on "Bridaplasty"

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Full cast list of "Bridalplasty" contestants on newest reality TV show on E!.

"Bridalplasty" is about a cast of women competing for the chance to have their dream wedding with plastic surgery being the weekly reward and a dream wedding the ultimate award. The full list of contestants on "Bridalplasty" want a lot done surgically whether or not they need it. Here you get a pretty good idea of who the brides-to-be are and what they want on the newest reality TV show premiering on the E! network.

Full List of "Bridalplasty" Contestants

  • Allyson Donovan, 33 - Chicago, Ill. (Had wedding canceled because she and fiance laid off, wants lots of lipo)
  • Cheyenne Aikens, 21 - Hamburg, NJ (Happiest with her flat stomach, wants everything else corrected)
  • Kristen Sciacca, 21 - Orange County, Calif. (Has competed in pageants since she was 15)
  • Alexandra, 21 - Atlanta, GA (Wants fairytale and to change a lot, former "Biggest Loser" contestant)
  • Dominique Santoro, 24, - Miami Beach, Fla. (Her parents spent a lot on older sister's wedding, the is show her way of getting dream wedding)
  • Jenessa Wainwright, 27 - Wayne, NJ (Wants basic lipo and teeth work)
  • Jaimie Farnsworth, 23 - Canoga Park, Calif. (Has 2 children, married at courthouse because mom was sick. Wants boob job and lipo )
  • Netty Aranguren, 23 - Los Angeles, Calif. (Just wants to feel great on her wedding day by having lots of lipo)
  • Ashley Langford, 25 - La Palma, Calif. (Mostly wants a breast and nose job)
  • Melissa Hooper, 20 - Riverside, Calif. (Husband currently serving in Iraq, married in a Jan./courthouse wedding)
  • Jessica Slocum, 30 - Virginia Beach, Va.(Has had surgical procedures for cysts, etc. wants augmentation to feel "complete")
  • Lisa Marie N., 29 - San Pedro, Calif.  (Teased for acne as a kid and wants to rid face of any tell-tale scars)

The "Bridalplasty" contestants have their own stories which lead them to being on the reality TV show.  It's a controversial show that mirrors the need women in society feel to have plastic surgery done.  "Bridalplasty" airs on E! Sundays and women must compete in a series of challenges while they have their dream procedures surgically done. Each week a contestant is eliminated from the household and by the end of the series, one cast member will receive the wedding of her dreams.  Not only will the winner of "Bridalplasty" win the wedding of her dreams, but she will head down the aisle as a totally new woman ready to surprise her soon-to-be husband with a look he likely hasn't seen before.

Which of these contestants will be the winner of "Bridalplasty" and will it be a new phenomenon in reality television?

Source:  "Bridalplasty" 11/28 Episode, E!Online


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