Break Up Letter for a Girlfriend: What to Write in a Break Up Letter to Your Girlfriend

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Break up Letter to Girlfriend: What to write in a break up letter to your Girlfriend! If you are looking for a sample break up letter that you can send for your girlfriend then you have reached the right spot. In this article you will get the perfect word

Breaking up is really hard to do to your girlfriend. However, while making this decision in life, you need to be gentle in expressing the break up message to your girlfriend.

End up your relationship with her in a pleasant way and start up by writing a good break up letter dedicated for her. Here are some tips on what to write in a break up letter to your girlfriend. 

What to Write in a Break Up Letter to Your Girlfriend: Sample 1

Honestly, there’s sadness in my heart when I’m writing this letter for you. However, I know I need to be strong. For years of our relationship, I thought you are the one but sadly to say our dream to be together forever is no longer possible. I just want you to know that I will always be a good friend of yours. Thank you and I will never forget you (name of the girl).

What to Write in a Break Up Letter to Your Girlfriend: Sample 2

This letter is to tell you that I think we need to live separately now. Honey, look! Our relationship is not working anymore and I don’t think it’s going to be healthy for both of us if we continue our relationship as lovers. I hope you understand dear. I know it’s hard and I do feel the same way too. It’s not hard to let go of someone who has been so special in my heart. But always remember that I’m doing this for your good because I love you.

What to Write in a Break Up Letter to Your Girlfriend: Sample 3 

I’m sorry about saying goodbye. Although it’s painful we need to let go of each other. Thank you for showing me what real love is, for being there for me. You are a beautiful girl and such a wonderful person. I know there is a perfect guy for you out there since it’s really not hard to love you. Thank you (name of the girl), I will forever treasure your memories and moments with you. Goodbye.

Realistically, breaking up to girlfriend is a sad thing to do. In doing so just try to make your break up letter for her an encouraging one and not that will worsen the situation.

So go ahead and use the best sample wordings of breaking up letter for your girlfriend and subsequently to that start a good relationship with her as a friend. Best of luck! 


Breaking Up Is Never Easy

Is a letter really the best way to break up with your girlfriend? It is probably not the best way to do this, why couldn’t you face your girlfriend in person and break up with her. A letter leaves too many unanswered questions and it not entirely fair to your girlfriend.

A letter always leads to a phone call anyway, with all the questions of why. You will have to think this through yourself and make the decision. Are you afraid of her reaction, are you afraid you might back out and stay with your girlfriend. Only you can answer these questions. Whatever you decide, make sure you can live with the decisions.

Your decision could also be based on how long you and your girlfriend have been together, a week, a month several months, or has it been a long term relationship of over a year. If a long term relationship, it might look a little low or chicken to just send her a letter and then disappear. This is not an easy decision, so make sure and think it through.

Do you intend to be completely honest with your girlfriend as to the reason for breaking up, or are you going to leave her with many questions and possibly blaming herself? Usually being honest is best, because most likely if you lie and she finds out the real reason, and that could come back at you.

The worst thing you can do is to break up by sending a text message or an email. That would really be considered low, and your friends and her friends might really look down on you. In this case, you could lose friends because of this. So do not send a text or email to break up.

It could help you decide by thinking how you would want to be treated if the situation were reversed.

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