Bose vs Klipsch vs Harman Kardon: Speakers Compared

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Bose has a number of strong durable speakers that are ideal for playing outside or in boats for the adventurous types. Klipsch is focused more on high-quality wireless speakers with the AptX tech that’s in many of their speakers. Harmon Kardon will appe

Speakers now have all sorts of capabilities people from decades ago would only be able to dream about in terms of sound quality and innovative tech. Here are a few companies that take advantage of this tech to produce modern speakers so you can compare them to find the best device for your own use.


Bose actually won the “circle of Excellence” from Bizrate in 2013. They’re a popular brand with a considerable amount of variety when it comes to speakers. Many speakers such as the SoundTouch line can be used with applications such as Deezer, Spotify, Pandora or iHeart.


  • Tough Outdoor and Marine Speakers-You can buy speakers from Bose that are specifically for playing music in your, on a boat, or in some other harsh condition.
  • Free Ground Shipping-Many of the speakers will ship to you for free through standard groundshipping.
  • Frequent Short Term Deals-There are often deals right on the main Bose speakers sight that you can jump on.  An example includes deals like saving $300 on Portable PA speaker systems.
  • SoundTouch Wi-Fi Speakers-The SoundTouch line of portable Wi-Fi speakers allows you to connect them to your home’s Wi-Fi system for streaming music.
  • Control Speakers in Multiple Rooms Including Outside-Once you hook up multiple wireless speakers, you can control all the speakers at once from one central location. This includes speakers that are outside of your house. This also allows you to listen to different music in different rooms if you want.


Klipsch has a number of speaker options including especially for portable speakers. They have speakers that have won awards such as the KMC 3 wireless music system which won the Digital Trends Recommended Product Award for 2014. Much of this is possible with the AptX technology which produces quality like from a CD even over Bluetooth systems.


  • 10% Coupon for Signing Up-Give the site your email and you get 10% off coupon for U.S. stores.
  • Multiple Colors Available-Products such as the KMC 3 are available in multiple colors such as red, blue, purple and black. Many other speakers for companies like Bose have much more limited colors.
  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee-You can return the speakers for any reason provided it’s still in perfect shape.
  • AptX Tech for Low Latency Sound-This technology is in the KMC 3 speakers. It allows speakers to have a bit rate reduction that’s much better than average while still maintaining high audio quality.

Harmon Kardon

Harmon Kardon is famous for having high-quality devices including speakers. This company is known for having unique systems like the Adapt device where you can take old speakers and make them wireless.


  • Free Returns-You have to contact support if you want to return something, and they’ll give you an authorization code that you can put on the return package in order to not have to pay for shipping. If you don’t put a code there, then you’ll end up having to pay for shipping.
  • Intuitive Sit Design-You can figure out what everything does on the site just by putting your cursor over it, and the site relies on icons instead of all words, so it’s easier to navigate and less cluttered.
  • Make Current Speakers Wireless-You can use the “Adapt” system to make speakers you have or that you buy into wireless speakers with HD level music for streaming with a button on the device.
  • 256-bit Encryption-The site is secured with 256-bit encryption with They don’t let you click on the link to verify it, but that’s what it says on the page.

Head to Head


An example of pricing for speakers from Bose is the Bose SoundTouch 20 which is just under $350. It works well for Apple users, though lacks Android functionality.

The Klipsch RF-62 II is an example of a wireless product from the site. It goes for just under $300, making it a bit cheaper than the Bose. It gets good reviews online though it appears that it’s not as effective for smaller rooms. Other speakers are pricier, such as the KMC 3 which goes for $400.

Harmon Kardon has a number of speakers including computer speakers such as the Nova system which is $300 per pair, or the Soundsticks Wireless system which actually has a three piece Bluetooth set for $230 for the whole system.


Live chat is available for Bose through the “Contact us” link located in blue at the bottom of the page. Make sure your AdBlock program is off though because it comes up as a popup. Live chat is available Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM EST. You can also email them and get a response within 48 hours, or call the tech help or sales line available during about the same hours.

Contact support for Klipsch is limited to an email address or a phone number. It seems that many people try to resell Klipsch products without having the authorization to do so. This is why it’s important to buy products directly through the site whenever possible. The AptX technology from Klipsch gives it an advantage over other wireless systems since it has an improved way of sending audio packets from the controller to the speakers even at a distance. The result is you get less delay from the speakers but don’t sacrifice any audio quality at the same time.

Harmon Kardon has speakers such as the Omni 10 that are said to be particularly good for smaller rooms. This is in contrast with certain Klipsch speakers such as the RF-62 which is apparently bad for small rooms because it’s too strong. If you pass your cursor over the symbol with the person wearing a headphone set at the top of the page, you can click on the contact link. This will give you an email form. There’s also a customer service line available during business hours weekdays and Saturday. This is 1-800-422-8027. They only ship to the 48 lower states apparently. If you want packages to go out on the same day, you have to send them in by 2 PM EST.