Bose Soundlink vs. Sonos Playbar vs. Jawbone Jambox: Top Wireless Speakers Compared

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The Bose Soundlink has one of the longest playing times on one charge. It’s ideal for those who want maximum range in a speaker as well. Sonos Playbar is about as high-end as you can get with simulated surround sound and seamless extra speaker integrati

Since it’s the future now, wires are so 1995. Wireless speakers are all the rage, and they can make life much easier in a wide number of situations. Whether you need wireless speakers for your car, your boat, your classroom, or just hanging out at home, you can rest assured that there’s a device perfect for your particular needs out there.

Bose Soundlink

The Bose Soundlink line is a Bluetooth speaker that tends to get very good reviews online, often 4 stars and higher. The Soundlink III has 5 different colors to choose from for a cover including silver, blue, green, orange and pink.

Review of Features

  • Free Ground Shipping-Bose offers free ground shipping in the Soundlink III
  • 0 % Interest-You can also pay just $25 a month with no interest to fund the speaker.
  • Protective Cover Swap-The Bose Soundlink II has an option to switch out the protective covers if one of them becomes damaged.
  • 30 Foot Range-This range is fairly extensive considering it goes beyond what most basic wires will give you. You can connect to phones, laptops, tablets, or anything with a Bluetooth uplink.
  • 14 Hours on one charge-This is more than enough time to get you through an entire day
  • One Year Warranty-The Soundlink has a decent warranty so you don’t have to worry.

Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is a high end wireless speaker with HiFi sound. It’s known for having a very simple setup, as well as a good synergy with other Sonos products.  The speaker is also known for being very durable. It also has a 1 year warranty. Perhaps its best feature is the ability to add more speakers into the whole system though.

Review of Features

  • 5.1 Expandable-You can add the Sonos Sub and two Play 3 speakers to get a surround sound 5.1 system.
  • “Fake” Surround- Even without extra speakers, the Playbar can create fake surround sound by using virtual sounds that mimic the sounds the other speakers would make.
  • Ethernet Ports-There are Ethernet ports in the back so you can connect the speaker directly if you want.
  • Wide Range of Sources: The Playbar can play many different sources plugged into your HDTV including, SAT boxes, Bluetooth, video game consoles and so on. It can transmit sound from anything connected to your HD TV.
  • Apps-You can control the Playbar using IR remote languages and apps from Android, iPhone and iPad.

Jawbone Jambox


Jawbone began being famous for their Bluetooth headset, but the Jambox Bluetooth speaker is expanding what people buy from Jawbone. The Jambox is the most cost effective of the three, and it has a fair amount of customizability and options on it.

Review of Features

  • 117 Color Combinations You can design your own Jambox by picking the color of the grill and matching it with the color you want for the caps.
  • Small Size-The Jambox is one of the smaller of the speakers.
  • 360 Degree Microphone-You can use the Jambox as a speakerphone with a rotating microphone and echo-cancellation features.
  • 10 Hour Battery-This isn’t as long as some of the other options, but this is coming from a device that is far cheaper.
  • Voice Commands-Connect to the Jambox with a smart-phone and you can control the speaker with voice commands.
  • Constant Updates-The Jambox is constantly receiving new updates with apps and software upgrades.
  • Liquipel-You can add a liquid repelling coat to the Jambox for $50 when checking out. You can’t dunk the thing under water, but this will let the device withstand a little rain and water splashing.

Head to Head


Bose SoundLink devices can vary in price, but the Soundlink III goes for around $300 depending on the store. The Sonos is much higher end going for around $650, though it has more features to match. The Jawbone Jambox goes for $150 or so, making it the cheapest of the lot.


The 30 foot range, 14 hours of play and customizable color covers gives the Soundlink a solid lead on the competition. You can also get a mini-bluetooth version of the Soundlink for $200. The Sonos Soundbar has better sound than Soundlink by far, and it can also play something akin to surround sound all by itself, in addition to supporting multiple speakers from Sonos connecting altogether for real surround sound. After all, the quality of surround sound is all about how well they all integrate.