Bon Jovi Album Trivia: 10 Facts About Bon Jovi's Keep the Faith

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Album and band trivia for Bon Jovi's 1992 album Keep the Faith.

1. 1992’s Bon Jovi album Keep The Faith is different from the first Bon Jovi albums. It is much more a combination of hard-rock and modern rock than glam rock.

2. Keep The Faith was released came after a four year break following the band’s extensive touring for the New Jersey album (released in 1988). Many rumors spread about the band breaking-up and most magazines wrote that lead-guitarist Richie Sambora and front man Jon Bon Jovi fought because Jon was getting more coverage than Richie.

3. However, the fights and problems were resolved and Bon Jovi came back with a very successful albeit different album called Keep The Faith.

4. Singer Jon and keyboard player David Bryan- the youngest two of the band - had turned 30, and the oldest member, drummer Tico Torres, had turned 39. They were no longer kids but there was plenty of room for partying and rocking. Plus, the boys had stripped off the typically flamboyant fashion of the previous decades.

5. Grown as men and musicians, Keep The Faith included faster, harder songs, songs about faith and desperation as well. However the band maintained their like for party songs and of course romantic stuff.

6. Keep The Faith features 12 songs plus 2 bonus tracks. These songs are, in the order as they are featured: I Believe, Keep The Faith, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, In These Arms, Bed of Roses, If I Was Your Mother, Dry Country, Woman in Love, Fear, I Want You, Blame It on the Love of Rock & Roll, Little Bit of Soul, Save a Prayer and Starting All Over Again.

7. After its release, the album saw number 1 in Australia, Finland and UK. It reached number 2 in Germany and Austria while reaching number 3 in Hungary, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden. It reached number 5 in the United States.

8. The majority of the songs were written, as always, by Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora. Jon alone wrote the music and lyrics of the songs I Believe, Bed of Roses, Dry County, Woman in Love & I Want You.

9. There aren’t any songs that Jon Bon Jovi wasn’t a part of the writing process of, but 2 other names helped in writing 3 songs. Keyboard player David Bryan helped write the hit In These Arms, while famous producer/song-writer Desmond Child co-wrote Keep The Faith & I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.

10. Bon Jovi worked with Desmond Child before on their hit Living on a Prayer album from 1986.


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