Blind Skateboard Company: Review

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This is a review that goes over the pros and cons of Blind skateboards. This should help you to decide whether or not to purchase a Blind skateboard.

This is going to be a review of the Blind Skateboard brand. Blind makes skateboard completes, trucks, decks, wheels, and accessories. First of all I will review the deck which is the wooden part of the skateboard.

I have used a Blind a lot and Blind when I used it the nose doesn’t chip very easily but it might chip if you bash it in to like a wooden pole or something, but otherwise if all you do is flip the board half way and land on it, it probably won’t ever chip. Blind tends to have a lot of cushion and this is a very big advantage when ollieing steps and dropping off high obstacles.

The deck also has a little flexibility to it so it’s kind of hard to snap the board in half when doing a Boardslide or something.  Now the grip tape doesn’t really scrape it morally grips and I really like that. That helps it not rub a hole in your shoe a little less quick than a lot of other brands. (A good example is if you rub your knuckles against a blind brand, then rub your knuckles against a new Wal-Mart brand, the blind brand will barely even scratch your knuckles and it will grip, but the Wal-mart will scratch knuckles badly and not grip as well).

So the Blind grip tape works really well! Now for the bottom graphics, Blind from my personal opinion has neither creative nor lame graphics, most have just a picture of one thing. It’s not in the middle of an action scene. But I can’t really say that there graphics aren’t really creative, that’s a personal opinion, different people like different graphics, so you just got to look it up yourself and see what you think. (Graphics aren’t the most important thing for a skateboard any way, go for quality, I learned my lesson the hard way).

Most blinds have a tiny bit thicker deck than most decks that are the same quality, but that give it some of its soft landing and makes it hard to chip, but some people say that that makes it hard to do flip tricks with. I have seen a few thin ones, but not much. The shape to most people is fantastic; it has lots of pockets, and big side concaves, this allows your feet to be conferrable while skating, and enables you to have more control over the board.

Now time to examine the trucks, this is the part of your skateboard that supports your wheels.  Blind trucks are good for 50-50s because they are made out of a cool waxy type of metal. (You can’t see that type of metal if the trucks are painted any other color). Like most other mettle trucks they never brake. The trucks don’t rub down fast, and they have squishy bushings.  Now the wheels are really bouncy, they are bigger than average, they are quiet, and they have really good grip.

That can be good and bad, the good part is that when you turn a corner or land from a drop your wheels won’t slip and you will stay balanced. But the bad part is you can’t do any skids unless you’re really good at them. Now for the bearings, this is the part of your skateboard that allows your wheels to roll.

The bad part about Blind bearings is that you can’t take the cap off of them, so you can’t grease them you can only oil them and soak them with rubbing alcohol. When your board is brand new the bearings are super good, and silent, but the bearings wear down fast. Then what you need to do is just put some oil on them and then they will be as good as when you first got them.

Blind to me seems to be a pretty AWESOME Skateboard brand (Try it out)!

Quick Review about the Blind Brand

1. Doesn’t chip easily.                                                

2. Lots of cushion, when landing from any obstacle.

3. The deck is Flexible.

4. Lots of pockets, and big side concaves.

5. Most have the average okay graphics. (My opinion)

6. Thicker than most decks that is the same quality as it.

7. The grip tape has good grip, and doesn’t scrape your shoe very fast.

8. A cool waxy type of metal in the trucks.

9. The wheels are bouncy, quiet, good grip, and they are bigger than the average wheel.

10. Awesome, smooth, and quiet bearings when brand new. Bearings wear down fast. (Put oil on them and they will be as good as new). Can’t take the cap off of the bearings.

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Ken Brace
Posted on Jan 30, 2012