Biography of James Patterson

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The great American author of James Patterson who has stunned many readers with his terrifc readings. This biography proves why he is a great American author

“Assume nothing, question everything”. That is how James Patterson lives. His work was criticized by the great Stephen King who referred to his novels as “dopey thrillers”. Now anyone who is criticized by Stephen King would go down, but this just helped him move right on up. The Newburgh, New York author has sold over 160 million copies of his books . He is an author of many genres, but his main are suspense and thrillers. This fantastic writer has shown nothing gets in his way and nothing ever will.

James Patterson was born on March 22, 1947 and still lives today. He was raised in Newburgh, New York. His parents

were Charles Patterson and Isabelle Patterson. Charles was an insurance broker

while Isabelle worked as a teacher and homemaker. His personal life has been mostly private. Patterson does not like to tell about his family life to anyone, but does tell seldom. Right now, Patterson lives in Palm Beach, Florida with his wife, Sue and son, Jack who is ten. His favorite hobby to do, besides write, is to golf with his friends.


James Patterson went on to major in English at Manhattan College in 1969. He only stayed one year. James Patterson had a unique story to where and when he decided to be an author. His job over the summer of 1969 was working as a medical aid at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts. While working there, he became friends with a poet named Robert Lowell. Lowell talked to Patterson about writing and seeing if he may want to. In that summer, Patterson began to try and write, but turned out wanting to try to teach. He went to Vanderbilt University in 1970 for a teaching major. He didn’t enjoy it. He left that year and started to write again. Instead of a teaching job he got a job at J. Walter Thompson advertising agency as a junior copywriter. In his off time Patterson wrote many books. Through the years he worked his way up and in 1990 became the CEO. In 1995, Patterson retired his job and devoted his life to writing .

“Anybody who wants to take a quick beach trip out, there should sit down with a book.”. James Patterson grew up loving books, and that’s why he writes now. His first book was published in 1976. It was called The Thomas Berryman Number, and it won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best mystery of the year. The book is in the perspective of a newspaper reporter who writes a story about the main story on Thomas Berryman. Thomas Berryman is a man who was hired to kill a politician and causes a massive manhunt for him . But in 1992, James Patterson came out with his breakthrough work. A series called Alex Cross. The first book was titled Along Came Spider. This book was turned into a movie in 2001. He still writes this series and has come out with fourteen so far. His first young adult book was released in 2005. This was a series as well, Maximum Ride was its name and it was a hit. So far he has come out with four of the series and more are on its way. In 2008, Patterson noticed that there weren’t many books out for his son, Jack, to read. So, Patterson wrote one. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X was about a young teen that is part alien part human and helps save the world. Patterson’s new book flew off the shelves fast, and his son was pleased with his father’s work. James Patterson has two new books soon to be out. MAX is coming out in late March which will be the fifth Maximum Ride series book. He is also coming out with 8th Confessionwhich is coming out late April or early May . Patterson’s life is all about what he loves to do, write.


James Patterson is devoted to writing. He writes stories because he wants to have the reader amazed and filled with excitement. His thriller and suspense stories can’t stop a reader reading. I’ve read some of his works, and it shows. James Patterson is a true American author.


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