Best Travel Guide Book: How to Make Your Own Travel Guide on Trip Advisor

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There are several travel sites where you can save relevant travel information towards a future trip but the best one I have come across and the one I often use is Trip Advisor.

If you are going on a long trip you may be better off buying a travel guide book but for shorter trips why not make your own travel guide online using Trip Advisor. If you compile your own travel guide you can leave out tourist attractions which don't interest you and add in places, restaurants or hotels which peak your interest.

How to make your own travel guide using Trip Advisor.Open a free Trip Advisor account, this is easy and quick to do.

Once you have a Trip Advisor account you will see at the top right hand corner of the home page a drop down menu under "Your Trip Advisor", click on "Saved Trips".

Click on "Create Trip Folder", and the first step will be to give your trip a title, for example Vilnius, Lithuania and then to save. You can also add the dates of your trip and any notes that you would like to appear on the front cover of your travel guide.

Now you start adding travel details to your personal travel guide. You have 2 options, one is to "Add hotels, attractions and restaurants". Using this option you will be able to search the Trip Advisor site for relevant items and to save the Trip Advisor page on a hotel, attraction or restaurant.

I prefer to use the other option, to "Add custom info".

Once you click on "Add custom info" a window will open up with a space to write a title, URL, notes and category. Browse the web for attractions, restaurants, tours etc that you are interested in adding to your travel guide and then copy/paste into the notes section. Give your item a title and add the URL just in case you want to return to that site. Under categories you can choose from – flight, rental car, transportation, entertainment, friend/relative, destination, hotel, attraction, dining, shopping or other. Now you should have something like:

Title: Indian Restaurant


Notes: Sue's Indian restaurant, 3 Odminiu Street, Vilnius. Open hours 11:00-11:00

Category: Dining

Then you click on save and continue adding travel attractions, maps and useful information until you have everything you need.

This is a great way to create a travel guide which is not going to be bulky to carry around and it will also contain all your personal information like flight, travel insurance and hotel details. A personal travel guide will also reflect your travel interests. If you are into flea markets or bohemian cafes you can just add all their details to your personal travel guide.

Once you are satisfied that you have everything you need you then print the travel guide. The best way to do this is to print it as two pages on each page of A4 paper so that you can fold it into a book form. Staple the book together and you are set to travel with only the relevant travel information you will need.


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