Best Sites to Start Online Writing As Non US Citizen or Inhabitant

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How to start on line writing? Can non native English writers make it on line?

This is a guide to all who want to join on line writing communities and might like to take a chance on getting started as a freelancer, while living outside the US.

Many on line publishing sites or sites were you can put up content that pays by view, or by commercial income, are American and the best language to write on line or to become a freelancer, is English.

It does not matter if you are a native English speaker or not. If you are not able to write a readable text in English, you will most likely not get read or have your content refused.

There are many sites who do not allow non Americans to participate. They will not be mentioned here, since this article is to share knowledge on sites that do accept international writers.

If you are a starter and have nothing published, chances are small you will get a great upfront paid assignment.

Here some guidelines and ideas. Please do read them and do not give up your day job when you feel like making a living as a writer.

But everybody can start on a pay by view site and here are the ones that might be suitable for fresh talent outside the US:


This is not an American site, but an Israeli company that allows all sorts of content. You can put everything there, from recipes to review or even opinions.

There are not rules in how long or short an article must be. No word limits.

Once published, you can still fix, edit, delete or modify your work.

The benefit is that it has a forum and allows others to comment your work in public on the article. So you can get feedback.

You find all sorts of writers there, going from serious, professional writers to some who will try to make easy money by applying computer generated texts.

Triond publishes the articles depending on the subject and content on several of its own subsites, like Authspot, Writinghood, Healtmed, Quazen, Musicouch, ... Where they might be most likely to be read.

It is a great site were you can read and learn and that you will not leave that easily once you are acquainted there.

The only disadvantage is that the payment there is extremely low when you start. It takes a lot of time to get views and some cents. Do not listen to those who write you can make millions on it. You might only make cents.

Still it is a great site to build up experience and a portfolio, while training your writing skills.

Your content remains your property and you have to right to publish your articles on others certain other sites as well.


The standards for this site are a level higher. Same as in Triond this is a community, that also has a forum to exchange thought and ideas.

It is also a community, like Triond, but works different.

First up you do not pick the title of your work. You have to write under a certain title and all articles under that title will be rated against each other.

All articles, except for poetry or stated different must contain at least 400 words and might best not be longer than 1500.

When you have written enough quality content, you get a first star and this will allow you empty title bonusses. You can earn up to five stars for rating and writing.

While on Triond is it allowed to write about other users or mention them, there it is not. All articles get rated anonymous and you get ranked against others writing under the same title.

Once posted you can leap frog your articles, but need permission to fix errors, so better read and check before you post.

You need to rate before you can get payment from your writings. Still you also get paid for rating.

Helium does allow creative writings, but when you want to earn as a freelancer, you better write informative articles as well. You need a writing star to be market place approved.

On the market place you can earn by writing articles on diverse subjects. Some are only open to professional journalists or marketplace premium writers, meaning writers that have already sold some articles.

As you can guess: this is a competative site. It allows all to apply and to grow, but if your English is not good enough to produce magazine quality articles, you might have them deleted often and even get removed from the site if your content remains poor quality.

On the other hand they do have stewards on the site, or writers that have proven they are qualified to help others. There are also to help those who have trouble with English. So all help is given, it is a very competative site, but it offers more chances and better payment that Triond.

You might also get upfront payment for certain articles. Also you remain the owner of the article and have the right to repost or double post it elsewhere, unless you sell it on the market place.


This is a site were many repost their content from other sites, but you can also write exclusive content for.

It also pays by view. So far it states to pay 3,19 dollar per 1000 views. This is much more than Triond, but the possibilities in posting are more limited.

You cannot post creative content and opinions on it, only informative articles. Some claim they are getting more views and earning there than on Triond, but some also don’t.

There is also a minimum of 250 words required per article to post and you can always edit or delete it after publishing.

Your content remains your property and you have to right to repost or double post it elsewhere.

It is a shareware site. This means that is lends the articles to others to get its earnings.

Associated Content

Non US inhabitants are allowed here on this site, but are discriminated on payment. They cannot get upfront payment, only payment by view.

It is also a community with a forum, but allows comments on the articles like on Triond. You also get more credit after giving more articles are receiving more views like on Helium.

But be aware to repost your articles elsewhere, since Associated Content might claim right to it. Once published, you can also not chance your content anymore, so a too late spotted typo or other error will remain.

Maybe this is why it might not be the best site to start for a novice non US writer.


You also do not need to be a scientist or a US citizen to make it here. Just learn to write great, decent articles to inform others.

Here articles get read before publication and might also be refused, but you do not make it here without an application.


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