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Best Physical Therapist in Chandler

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A+ Physical Therapy in Chandler comes highly recommended by Dr David Hadley's patients. He heads a team that believes everyone has a right to good health and every patient is treated as an individual and receives one-to-one treatment.

 At A+ Physical Therapy in Chandler their motto is "We stretch your ability to strengthen your life." This is an Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic that treats all bony, ligamentous, nervous and muscular areas of the body.

The Clinic provides one-to-one specialized care with a Licensed Professional for every one of their patients. A+ believes that achieving optimal health should be everyone's right and they educate each patient on their diagnosis and pains so that when they are discharged they understand why they were in pain and how to prevent it returning in the future.

A+ believes in the principle that listening to the patients is one of the best diagnostic tools that they have. Once the Physical Therapist has assessed the injury they listen to the patient's complaints. To them every patient is an individual and no two bodies are the same.

Services offered at A+ Physical Therapy

  • Spinal Decompression Therapy
  • Traction Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Manual Therapy
  • Sports injury therapy
  • Stroke TBI rehabilitation

and more. Each physical therapy treatment is customized to suit each patient and their plan of care is tailored to their specific diagnosis, symptoms and ability.

Dr David L. Hadley PT, CSCS heads the team at A+ Physical Therapy which is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7am-6pm and Wednesday 9am-6pm.


  1. A+ is just what the name describes. I had two reconstructive surgeries on my foot. I was on crutches for 4.5 months before going to Dave and his staff. One-to-one care was excellent, some of the exercises looked like I could never do them, but they worked with me until they were easy. My Mom had a horrible experience with another Physical Therapy place and also ended up going to A+. I would recommend them to anyone that needs care of this type.
  2. There are not enough stars to give them. Dr Hadley is unbelievable, he is incredibly knowledgeable, motivating and caring. Jessica is equally as skilled, compaasionate and encouraging. Lisa is wonderful as well. They are like family and make me wish I had physical therapy every day. I drive 45 minutes to see them every week and I am sure there are many places closer, but I would drive hours because they are just the best ever. I injured my ankle and a co-worker recommended them and I will always be thankful she did. I have seen vast improvements and am back running and working out again and I am thrilled. Tell everyone you know to go to A+, they will thank you for it. You guys are amazing at what you do.
  3. I was seen at A+ in July after knee surgery. My Dr said that if I wanted to go to physical therapy I could. A+ is really close to my house so I just walked there and made an appointment for the next day. I am so glad I found them. Dave is very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable and the staff are practically family. I am not exactly graceful and I have been to many physical therapy clinics throughout my life. You will not get the kind of care anywhere that you get at A+ Physical Therapy. I am happy to report that my knees are stronger than ever and I can't wait to get back to snowboarding and hiking. Thank you so much guys.

A+ Physical Therapy Clinic is situated at 3180 South Gilbert Road, Chandler, telephone 480 773 7778 and you can contact Dr Hadley by email david@myapluspt.com


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