Best Online Textbook Rental: BookRenter vs. Chegg Review & Coupon Code

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An inside look of the pros and cons of the book renting sites and This is a product comparison report that explains the advantages and disadvantages of two reputable textbook corporations.

As textbook prices increase, students are trying to find better alternatives to purchasing textbooks. Some students may have difficulties buying or locating books at nearby bookstores. However, with textbook companies BookRenter and Chegg, they can make the book buying process easier for students to find and purchase books at reasonable prices.  Students now have the ability to rent their books for an inexpensive and reliable rate. Book renting sites that offer reasonable prices are convenient for students who already have enough bills to deal with. These sites can offer assistance to finally decrease the high costs students spend on books.


Posted on Sep 9, 2011
Posted on Sep 6, 2011