Best Natural Ways to Fade or Remove Freckles Fast: Freckle Removal Home Remedies

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Freckles are not harmful, or a sign of illness. They are just melanin rich pigment cells that are contained within the skin. Freckles may be described as flat, round, dark colored spots that could be the result of pigment precipitation which makes the ski

Freckles are some sort of colorations of the skin, most commonly occur in people with lighter or fairer skin types. Although freckles are harmless, being outside in the sun may help cause them or make them darker. Specifically exposure to UVB radiation activates melanocytes to increase the melanin production. Increased melanin is manifested as dark or brown spots on the skin. Freckles may be unsightly and a cause of cosmetic concern for many. There are many effective treatments available to fade your freckles, from topical creams to chemical peels. There are also a number of natural ways to get rid of freckles. Natural home made freckles remedies are helpful to fade and remove freckles fast.

Home Remedies for Freckle Removal

Here are some of the best home remedies to remove freckles naturally.

1. Since freckles are caused by melanin build-ups, and melanin tends to overproduce upon exposure to sun, the best natural way to treat and prevent freckles is to stay away from the sun. This means wearing sunscreen, appropriate clothing and a hat outside.

2. Sour milk is an excellent product that can be used for freckle removal. Washing your face regularly with sour milk is an excellent home remedy for getting rid of freckles effectively. The Lactic acid present in the milk helps in lightening the skin discoloration.

3. Lemon juice is one of the best natural ingredients for fading freckles. Rub a little undiluted lemon juice over the unwanted freckles every night. This home remedy improves skin tone and lightens dark spots on the skin fast.

4. Application of the juice extracted from horseradish is highly beneficial for reducing freckles. Horseradish juice mixed with white vinegar will help to remove freckles quickly.

5. Onion is actually an extremely effective natural remedy against melanin pigmentation. Slice a red onion into tiny pieces, and then rub the skin with these pieces for removing freckles and age spots. Follow this freckle treatment regularly to fade them fast.

6. Another best home remedy for improving skin tone and fading the dark spots fast is the application of honey. Natural bleaching properties of honey make them effective at lightening skin pigmentation and the excess production of melanin.

7. Application of vitamin E or castor oil on the skin before going to bed will help in removing freckles from the face. It should be applied to face and kept overnight, as this reduces the freckles fast. This is probably the gentlest way to lighten an unwanted freckle.

These were some of the best natural remedies for removing freckles fast at home.


Janice Tollis
Posted on Jul 22, 2017
Janice Tollis
Posted on Jul 22, 2017