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Best Information: How to Repair Persol Sunglasses

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A step by step guide on how to repair your Persol sunglasses

When you purchase your pair of Persol sunglasses, you take care of them like the precious babies they are. After all, they do not come cheap at all. So how would you react, if something unfortunate happened to them, like getting scratched or even broken?

In instances where the warranty does not cover the costs of Persol sunglasses repair, you have to dig into your own pocket and take care of the expenses that are usually very high. Well, worry no more. Below are some guidelines that will guide you on how to repair the sunglasses saving you the cost as well as the stress involved.

The first thing that you would need to do is go out and purchase a repair kit. An ordinary repair kit will not go for much. For this reason, it will not cost you much to replace the missing nose pads or screws. Other than the price, the good news is that a repair kit can be found in plenty of easy to find places. A good example here would be around-the-corner drugstores that sell glasses. An ordinary repair kit comes along with tweezers, screwdriver and replacement screws and nose pads.

There also are other alternatives such as buying Persol spare parts. These are better than the ones that come in the repair kits because they are specifically meant to be used with your Persol sunglasses. These attachments can be bought online from authorized dealers.

Cracked frames are more problematic. However, there is a quick and cheap fix for these too. You could use a quick-bond adhesive to fix your Persol sunglasses. This could be done by simply sanding (gently) the edges that are broken to ensure that the adhesive works effectively. In order not to leave any mess behind, be certain to clean drips with a cotton swab dipped in either nail polish or rubbing alcohol.

If the lenses of your Persol sunglasses were scratched and you would like to get rid of the mark, that too can be done. If for instance your glasses were scratched during normal use, all you need to do is apply toothpaste on the lenses after cleaning them and allow them to dry. Later you should clean the lenses with water and a soap that is mild. If you are not able to get the scratch off using toothpaste, then it is recommended that you try using metal polish instead. Simply repeat the same process and the scratch will not be as noticeable to others.

These are some of the cheapest ways to fix your Persol sunglasses and the results are exemplary. By fixing your Persol sunglasses s, you will still enjoy the luxury that is afforded to you by the sunglasses.



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