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Best Evidence for Existence of Aliens and UFO's

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Different reasons and facts that present as the best evidence for the existence of UFO's and aliens.

Many people are interested in the topic of the existence of aliens, from your everyday ordinary person to astronomers and astronauts. Below is the best evidence for their existence:

  • Old pictures that are unexplainable (before you could digitally alter something and Polaroid’s) There is phenomena that cannot be explained away in many pictures.
  • There are several well-known people who would not lie about seeing something unexplainable. Both presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter claimed to have seen UFO's or strange objects in the sky. A few astronauts and pilots have claimed to see UFO's or unexplainable objects in the sky. These are people who are not your average Joe or Jane; they are trusted, well respected and educated. So, if they've seen something unexplainable there's a good possibility it could be from another world or time.
  • Video and pictures that remain unexplained. There are several UFO videos' that go unexplained to this day. There was a picture of a possible alien standing outside the window of a house submitted to the news back in 2008. I don't think it was ever proven if this was a hoax or possibly real.
  • The most famous case of aliens and UFO's is Roswell, New Mexico, where alien crash debris and alien bodies were rumored to have been recovered. The government claims it was not alien aircraft or aliens and nothing of the sort was ever recovered. They have stated it was only a weather balloon. Several witnesses have come forward stating they saw strange things that were definitely not part of a weather balloon. There are tons of websites devoted to information about the infamous Roswell incident.
  • Millions of people can’t be wrong, can they? Millions of people have claimed to see or experience something alien/paranormal/out of the ordinary. Even if most of them can be explained away, that still leaves a lot of unexplainable objects in the sky and unexplainable sightings of other worldly beings. This cannot be a mass delusion or hysteria; or what could it possibly be?
  • UFO sightings have been reported all over the world, not just the U.S.A.  More than seventy other countries have reported sightings of unidentified flying objects.
  • What about the claims of abductions by people who are otherwise completely sane? Could abductions be real evidence something is definitely going on. Many people have gone under hypnosis to remember. The stories they tell are chilling. Many people have taken lie detector tests to prove they’re not lying. Many people who claimed to have been abducted have even shown physical aspects of something going on, like marks being left on them or a strange feeling of something inserted into them or having been experimented on. Many have experienced missing time, where they were one place at a certain time and then seem to almost black out or go away and wake up hours later.
  • Many files kept secret by governments. Lots of information has never been released to the general public. Could there be a cover-up taking place? Many believe so.
  • Aliens show up in religious paintings and on old drawings. There are several Renaissance paintings that have UFO's in them. There are also prehistoric drawings that show UFO's and also numerous examples of UFO's in petroglyphs.
  • Over eight thousand years ago the Sumerian culture wrote tales of aliens that came to this planet (from their home planet of Nibiru) and genetically manipulated the lesser primates, fused two chromosomes together and created humans. They were called the Annunaki. They "designed" humans to mine gold for them. The belief in aliens goes back far into history. Seeing aliens and UFO's seem to be a phenomenon that has always existed, it's seems to have been happening for long time now. Some even speculate that aliens helped build pyramids in Egypt.
  • Many people have had repeat experiences and encounters with UFO’s/aliens.
  • Regular ordinary everyday people have seen strange things. These are people who don’t want media attention; they just want to know what is going on.
  • The frequency of occurrence, how many times UFO’s have been seen daily, monthly, and yearly.
  • Because of the amount of planets and galaxies many believe we're simply not alone in the universe. Whether or not we have been contacted people still believe that we are most likely not the only intelligent life that exists. Refer to Drake's equation for the possibility that intelligent life exists in the universe.
  • There is also the theory that the visitors are not really aliens, they are humans from the future, time travelers, possibly coming back in time to observe or possibly change the future of mankind.
  • SETI: The search for extraterrestrial intelligence institute is looking using signals to see if they can find intelligent life out there.
  • Scientists just recently found water on our moon, as of September 23, 2009. Scientists also believe there is possibly water one of Jupiter's moons, Europa and possibly on one of Saturn's moons, Titan. There could be water to help sustain life on other planets, we do not know just yet.




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