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With the welcome arrival of the iPad and electronic reader devices, the old fashioned book store is slowly becoming obsolete.  The growing popularity of these devices and the convenience they provide has resulted in an overwhelming number of retailers devoted to selling eBooks online.  The market for this product is continuously increasing simply because these devices allow readers to upload and store any book they desire providing them with a handy portable library. Why buy regular books when you can buy eBooks and have them all readily available wherever you are at the touch of a button.  Prices and service benefits vary dramatically across the board with eBook retailers, the selection of eBooks available from each company also differ.  Most people expect to be able to purchase eBooks at a cheaper price than hard copy books, this conclusion makes sense as publications do not need to be physically printed, however this is not always the case and you quite often find that eBooks are similarly priced to regular books.  Finding a well stocked, affordable, and quality provider can be difficult and frustrating.  If you are in the market for eBooks then read the following comparison report to assist in your purchasing decision.


Darline Kilpatrick
Posted on Jan 30, 2012
sarita garg
Posted on Dec 14, 2011