Best Delicacies in Cebu Philippines

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The Best Delicacies in Cebu Philippines, Best Pasalubong in Cebu, Best Take Home Products in Cebu, Best Cebu Home Products are always in demand for visitors, guests, tourists and even consumers. These products do not only bring pride to the Cebu Province

Cebu City, also known as the “Queen City of the South”, is not only popular for its tourist destinations but has grown to be at its finest when exporting quality furniture and fixtures. Aside from being equipped with the makers of quality guitar, Cebu is also popular with the best delicacies it can offer.  If a person happens to visit Cebu, he will make sure that he brings along with him these delicacies when he goes back to his home land.


Otap is perfect to serve with tea and coffee. Its crispiness will savour the flaky taste of the oval-shaped biscuit. Otap has been the trademark in Cebu; no wonder it has been named as the Best Delicacy in Cebu nowadays. Otap’s distinctive sweetness is being emphasized with its burnt flavour.


Dried Mangoes are one of a kind in Cebu City. Dried Mangoes can be dried ripe mangoes or dried green mangoes. No matter what type of dried mango you choose, you will fell in love with the sweetness it may bring to your mouth. Dried Mangoes are neatly packed in small plastic bags which are preserved to make it convenient for travellers.


Chicharon is a crispy and salty deep fried pork skin. Chicharon has undergone a long process of sometimes sun-dried, oil-drained, even cooled and reheated. Chicharon is the best delicacy in Carcar, Cebu City. It is perfect to eat especially when dipped into vinegar.


Rosquillos is a round thin cookie with a hole at the center. The sweetness of its flavour and the thinness of its form make it more unique and sumptuous. Although this may be available outside of Cebu, visitors within and outside Cebu will still look for this delicacy which has a unique taste when made in Cebu.


Ampao is also known as Rice Crispies which is also the best delicacy in Carcar, Cebu. Ampao is white, sweet and crunchy treat sprinkled with peanuts. It is rectangular in shape. Other ampaos can be found in stores come in different colors like pink, green and yellow.


Masareal is made of rectangular bars packed in paper. Masareal is made of peanuts which are finely grinded and sugar syrup. These ingredients are mixed together to form achieve a sweet and mouth-watery taste. Masareal is the Best Delicacy in Mandaue City, Cebu.


Rice Cake, also known as “Bibingka” is also the best delicacy in Mandaue City, Cebu aside from Masareal. Bibingka is famous with its distinctive form which shows smooth and silky texture on the sides and a burnt and crispy texture at the top which make it identifiable against other Bibingka in the other part of the Philippines.

The Best Delicacies in Cebu City are now are commonly displayed in supermarkets and stalls in markets which made them easily available for consumers, visitors, guests and tourists. Visiting Cebu City, Philippines will not be complete if these individuals will not bring along with them these Cebu Products and Delicacies.


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Posted on Sep 18, 2013
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Posted on Aug 8, 2012