Benefits of Soursop Leaves: A Strong Anti-Inflammatory

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The benefits of soursop leaves are only becoming known worldwide in recent times. Previously, only persons living in certain countries were aware of all the benefits of this plant. The soursop tree can be found in Jamaica, Brazil, Dominica and many other

Several persons use soursop leaves to help them control the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This plant is also known as graviola in some cuntries. They start seeing the effects of this natural substance almost immediately. Within a week, individuals have seen a reduction in the amount of swelling and stiffness in their joints.

Since soursop leaves promote a feeling of well being, they also feel better overall. It helps to calm their nerves and alleviate the feelings of anxiety that they experienced because of their illness.

Natural Anti Inflamatories: Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaves are good for treating inflammation. People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis have been able to use a tea made from the leaves to get relief for their symptoms.

People who have boils can use soursop leaves to help restore their skin to its original condition. The leaves can be crushed and applied to the boil. This will help reduce irritation and also reduce the size of the boil. The same applies to mouth ulcers.

Persons may have inflammation in their thighs or back muscles after a hard day of work. They can have graviola tea to help reduce the irritation that they feel. Soursop tea has been known to effectively reduce pain in the lower back when it is consumed daily.

However if you are taking soursop tea consistently, you should take a break from it once a week. It is also recommended that persons who have been taking the tea for three months take a break in the fourth month and then resume in the fifth month.

Natural Anti Inflamatories: How Soursop Leaves Work on the Sinuses and Wounds

Crushed soursop leaves can be applied to wounds to reduce infection and swelling. It also helps to relieve inflammation in the throat and nose. People with allergies sometimes experience inflammation of the sinuses. Drinking soursop leaf tea can alleviate this. If you have food allergies, taking perilla frutescens will help with that.

Whenever you have an infection in your sinuses, you can start drinking soursop tea immediately to prevent the development of catarrh in the region. Catarrh is very uncomfortable and is associated with the build up of mucous in the nose and throat. It can be caused by allergies such as hay fever. It can also be the result of nasal polyps.

Drinking soursop tea early on prevents nasal congestion and helps get rid of catarrh. When people have to cope with this condition for a long time, it leaves them feeling frustrated. This natural treatment can help  to stop this from happening.

Crushed soursop leaves are applied to wounds to accelerate healing, relieve pain and reduce swelling. In some countries, people who have wounds crush the leaves with their teeth before applying them to a cut.


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