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Benefits of Papaya for Macular Degeneration

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Benefits of Papaya for Macular Degeneration. Benefits of Papaya. Papaya for Eye Health.

Carrots are often considered as a great food for eyes and vision. Carrots beta-carotene compound plays an important role in maintaining proper eyesight. So it’s an important part of macular degeneration diet. In the same way, papaya plays an important role in macular degeneration diet. Papaya nutritional profile reflects that it’s a wonderful source of Vitamin A or beta-carotene (provitamin A), Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Therefore, papaya contributes significantly to keep the eye sight healthy. Of course there other major health benefits of papaya but its contribution to age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) or macular degeneration cannot be underestimated.

There are evidences that prove claim of papaya being a great food for the eyes. A study which was published in Archives of Ophthalmology revealed that eating three or more servings of fresh fruits like papaya can reduce age-related macular degeneration or ARMD. Age-related macular degeneration and macular degeneration both deteriorate the vision slowly over a period of time and can cause vision loss or blindness. ARMD is the main cause of vision loss in older adults. A healthy diet for age related macular degeneration should be fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin A and antioxidants. Antioxidants have the ability to prevent and repair the macular degeneration.

Fresh yellow or orange colored fruit like papaya not only prevents macular degeneration but also other eye related diseases such as glaucoma and cataract. The major cause of age-related macular degeneration and macular degeneration can be age, smoking, obesity, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and family history of these conditions.

Because antioxidants reduce the intensity of macular degeneration, that’s why dietary intakes high in carotenoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin play important roles to lower MD or ARMD. Antioxidant nutrients found in papaya - Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A (beta-carotene)are excellent at reducing these types eye related diseases and conditions.

Three servings of papaya a day can be very protective against several of eye diseases including vision-destroying disease like ARMD. Fresh papaya can be taken at breakfast, lunch and also in the evening meal. It can be a great addition in green salad as well. Papaya is a wonderful fruit for increasing Vitamin A levels. Dark orange or red fleshed papaya also increases lycopene levels.

For getting more antioxidants, one should eat fully ripened papaya.

Caution: Papaya contains chitinases (digestive enzymes) that are responsible for latex-fruit allergy syndrome. So, people who have latex allergy may be allergic to papaya.








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