Ginger Benefits: Natural Medicine and Home Remedy to Improve Metabolism and Weight Loss

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Did you know the benefits of Ginger? It works wonders in improving your metabolism and in turn helps to lose weight. Ginger beer, Ginger tea and many receipes of ginger can be very helpful in losing weight.

We all know what happens when our digestive system goes wrong. If you are planning to lose weight, it is essential that your metabolism is intact and the digestive system works well. Did you know the benefits of ginger? It works wonders in improving your metabolism and in turn helps to lose weight. Ginger receipes such as ginger beer or ginger tea are a great part of weight loss programs.

Why Metabolism is Important?

When we have problems in the digestive track and the system, the metabolism gets affected automatically. The pattern of physical organism gets distracted and inturn affecting the signals sent from one cell to another. Hence the usual performance of the organs get disturbed in turn affecting the day to day life of a person. The chemical reaction that happens within our body is known as Metabolism, which is segmented as Catabolism and Anabolism. When the organic substance is broken by the process of catabolism and the energy is converted as proteins, minerals, carbohydrates by the process of Anabolism.

Ginger and Metabolism:

According to the research results released by the Indian council of Medical Research, gingerol, the main ingredient in ginger helps to turn on the chemical reaction and the muscle activity in the digestive track. The level of glutathione-s-transferases (the enzyme family of mitochondrial, cytosolic and MPAEG protein) also gets stimulated by the gingerol and initiated the second phase of biotransformation of xenobiotics. These processes improve the activity in the digestive track and so the chemical reactions are regularized and improvised. Indian and Chinese traditional medicines are known to have ginger (fresh and dried powder form) as the important ingredient in their medicines.

Using Ginger to Improve Metabolism:

It is easier to mix ginger in your meals since it can be used in various forms. Most of the Indian kitchens will have ginger as the important ingredient in all the dishes they cook. The best way to use ginger is in its fresh form.

1.Always peel the skin before washing ginger.

2.Grind Ginger in a Paste form and refrigerate it for longer time usage. There are also ready to use pastes available in stores.

3.Dry ginger in powder form makes cooking easier. You can get the ginger powder in Indian stores.

4.Mixing a teaspoon of ginger paste / powder in a warm water and drinking it will improve the digestive track disorders and gas related stomach problems

5.Ginger, when scraped or cut into pieces can be used in salads and soups to add taste and aroma.

6.Ginger can be used while making breads and curry

Make better use of the ingredients given by the nature in form of vegetables and enhance the beauty of your health and the lifestyle.


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