Benefits of Flaxseed: Omega 3 Fatty Acid to Prevent Cancer Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes

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Benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids in a flaxseed as a preventive measure to cancer and diabetes

Nature has given wonderful ingredients like ginger or flaxseed to prevent many diseases. I had some free time today, was going through my articles already written in the area of health. To my surprise, at least one in three articles, I repeatedly have written a name of an ingredient as a preventive measure to many diseases. Yes, that is about Flaxseed or in other name linseed. 

Be it an article about fighting against cardiovascular diseases or cancer or diabetes, from nowhere, flaxseed, as a rich content of Omega 3 fatty acid, seems to land in my article as a main, natural ingredient. After going through materials and an in-depth research on its benefits, I was amazed at the advantages this small seed has within. 

What is Flaxseed:

Flax is a plant originated from Eastern Mediterranean and then spread to the other regions of Asia, popularly in India. It can grow up to 1.2 m, comes under the family of annual plant, generally grows, flowers and dies within a year. Flaxseed comes in brown and golden colors, but there is no evidence found to differentiate their characteristics and medicinal benefits. It is commonly used among people in western part of India in form of whole seed, powder and oil.

Flaxseed to Protect against Cancer:

Flaxseed contains lignans and Omega - 3 fatty acid,famously called as ALA (alpha-linolic acid). These ingredients in flaxseed work as an anti oxidant by blocking enzymes that induce hormone related cancer. Also flaxseed helps to fight against the growth and spreading of cancerous cells. Cancer in breast, colon and prostate seem to have better protection by using flaxseed based food or medicine.The anti oxidants and possible estrogen receptor agonist in lignans from flaxseed help to fight against breast cancer. However Flaxseed oil may not provide any protection against cancer since the lignans and fiber are removed during oil making process.

Flaxseed to Protect against Cardiovascular Diseases:

Most of the times, people suffer from heart diseases due to blockage in the blood vessels and in turn improper blood circulation. Along with other problems, accumulated bad cholesterol in the blood vessels and valves create such blockage, affecting blood supply to the heart. Disturbed blood circulation in arteries, veins and capillaries creates problems with irregular heartbeats and weaken the overall health system, at times leads to life threatening cardiovascular diseases. Omega-3 fatty acids and the fiber in flaxseed helps the bad cholesterol to get dissolved and improve the overall digestive system and in turn prevent from cardiovascular diseases.

Flaxseed to Fight against Diabetes:

Omega-3 in flaxseed oil has a tendency of controlling blood sugar levels. This is an essential fatty acid makes your diet to the one rich in carbohydrate and low in bad cholesterol. This combination diet helps in increasing the blood sugar level and in turn controlling the sugar level. Flaxseed works better for patients suffering from Type II Diabetes.

There are researches and discussions going on comparing the effects of omega - 3 fatty acid from flaxseed and from Fish oil. Few researches are claiming that fish oil has more nutritional value from its omega 3 fatty acid over flaxseed. I see flaxseed as a gift to most of the vegetarian population in the world. You can use flaxseed by adding them while cooking vegetables. Flaxseed can also be used in your daily diet to prevent from cancer, digestive related and cardiovascular diseases by mixing flaxseed powder with wheat dough while making bread, or while preparing sweets and savories.

In some people, flaxseed seems to have side effects of loose stool because of its fiber content. If not used earlier, adding it slowly will help you to check whether your digestive system accepts flaxseed. You can increase the quantity when you are assured of no side effects. Ground,oil or in form of whole, flaxseed can have an important role in your kitchen and reduce the sheets of medicines from your medicine cabin.

Read ahead to learn the important tips for following the healthy lifestyle by using the nature ingredients in your food.

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