Benefits of Drinking Low Acid or Acid-Free Coffee

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Regular coffee contains acid which may result in unpleasant symptoms such as heartburn and stomach upset. For those heartburn sufferers who don’t want to give up coffee-drinking entirely, switching to low acid coffee or acid-free coffee can be a great

Most coffee contains natural acids, which may cause heartburn and stomach upset.  Yet many coffee drinkers enjoy the taste of coffee.  For those who don’t want to give up coffee-drinking, switching to low acid coffee or acid-free coffee can be a great alternative.

 Regular coffee contains acid, which can cause heartburn and stomach distress. Many companies offer low acid or acid-free coffee which has been specially processed to remove most or all of the irritating natural acids in coffee.  The result is a  smooth-tasting cup of coffee that for many solves the problem of the stomach irritation often associated with drinking coffee.

 Acid and Caffeine: Stomach Irritants

 Just because a coffee is caffeine free does not mean it is also acid-free.  Acid and caffeine are both found in coffee, and either one or both may be the cause of heartburn and stomach upset.  For coffee drinkers who have switched to decaffeinated coffee and found no relief, acid-free coffee may be the best choice. 

 As a general rule, dark roasted coffee is less acidic than lighter roasted coffee.  Many coffee drinkers who are bothered by acid in coffee get relief by trying a French, Italian, Brazilian, or Indonesian roast.  For others it may help to purchase one of the many brands of low acid coffee on the market.

Most Popular Brands of Low Acid Coffee

Many brands of low-acid brewed or instant coffee can be purchased on the Internet. One popular brand is Puroast, which has a 50% reduction in acidity. Many recommend the Puroast House Blend or Dark French Roast. Puroast also offers organic blends of low acid coffee.

Some other popular brands of no acid coffee that can be brewed in a coffeepot just like regular coffee are Helva, and Gentle Java. Helva coffee is often rcommended for those suffering from indigestion and heartburn.  It is made of Guatemalan Arabica beans, which are specialy roasted. Gentle Java coffee is also produced from Arabica beans and uses a special, patented system that removes acids from the beans.  

No Acid Coffee

Is there such a thing as coffee with no acid?  There is at least one brand of coffee, Tylers No Acid coffee making that claim.  This company uses South American Arabica beans and a special roasting system to produce coffee with no acid.  

Tylers also offers a decaffienated version of their no acid coffee.  This blend is a favorite with those who are bothered by both acid and caffeine, and may be the best choice for those not wanting to switch to a herbal substitute.

Most sufferers of acid indigestion caused by coffee can find relief by switching to low acid coffee.  However, some coffee drinkers whose symptoms are triggered by both acid and caffeine may be better off with one of the few brands of coffee, such as Tylers,  that doesn’t contain either acid or caffeine, or switching to one of the many great-tasting herbal coffee substitutes that closely resemble the taste of coffee.


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