Benefits of Bilberry for the Treatment Arthritis

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Learn the Benefits of Bilberry for the Treatment Arthritis. This article provides informative details of bilberry as one of the natural remedies for arthritis problems as well as other diseases which are related to the bones.

In today's generation, arthritis is a very common disease suffered mostly by old people. This is due to the weakening of the bone as well as its supporting cartilages. Most arthritis patients prefer natural remedies than taking chemically made medicines. This is to make them avoid possible negative side effects of chemically made medicines.

The Benefits of Bilberry for Arthritis

Bilberry is somewhat not common to most people suffering from bone related diseases particularly arthritis. However, there are lots of benefits of bilberry for the effective treatment of arthritis. The good thing is it is a very natural way of relieving arthritis problems as well as other bone related diseases. If the patient is adventurous enough and is really eager to treat its arthritis problems in a natural way, then bilberry would be the best remedy for him.

Anthocyanidin are compounds actively present in bilberry which greatly helps for the proper and healthy circulation of blood in the body. This is one of the best benefits of bilberry for arthritis. In addition to anthocyanidin, bilberry is also rich in antioxidants which gives provides proper healthy cell generation and repair.

Where to Get Bilberry?

Both fresh and dried bilberry is effective in the treatment of arthritis. Although, there are times that fresh bilberry is not available, that is why it is usually bought in its dried form. This health giving plants are normally best for cold climates, this means that it is widely grown on tropical countries. There are also frozen bilberries available on the market which could be mixed to some other recipes. Whatever the form would be, the most important is the preservation of the beneficial contents of bilberry.

Possible Bilberry Recipes

Bilberries are best consumed together with some other favorite health foods. There are different recipes that could be made from bilberries like pies and jams. Since its taste is very similar to blueberries, this could be also included in cheesecake recipes for the family.

Bilberry Tea

It could also be consumed in the form of tea, just place dried bilberry leaves to the hot water and strain it afterwards. This is perfect for people who wants a warm condition as well as have favorite in drinking teas. This is also a best substitute for coffee because coffee has caffeine which is sometimes addictive.

Drinking Lots of Water

Water is still one of the best and powerful aids in the treatment of various diseases of the body. While using bilberry in any form for the treatment of arthritis, the patient should accompany the bilberry with drinking lots of water to improve the blood circulation of the body thus makes the treatment faster and more effective.

Do Not Mix Bilberry with Aspirin

If the patient has the plan to consider bilberry as the natural treatment for arthritis, this should not be accompanied with any Aspirin medicine. Taking aspirin could greatly thin the patient's blood which makes it more vulnerable to other kinds of diseases. The patient should also avoid drinking too much alcohol because it could affect the capability of bilberry. Those are the benefits of bilberry for arthritis, always maintain the body healthy for a healthier lifestyle.


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Posted on Jan 15, 2012
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Posted on Jan 9, 2012