Bellis Perennis: A Homeopathic Remedy

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Bellis Perennis is more commonly known as the English daisy, and was known to many as an aid to flesh wounds, bruises, aches and pains.

Bellis Perennis’s family name is Compositae, and it was named Bellis Perennis from the Latin, meaning ‘perennial beauty’. Other names include the common English daisy, garden daisy, eye of the daisy and bruisewort and it is found in the meadows, pastures, gardens and parks of New England, US and throughout Europe.

Below is a list of issues Bellis Perennis can help but they are specific, so a description of each symptom (where necessary) is included. If, for example, you have joint pain but it is not as a result of getting chilled, then Bellis Perennis may not be necessary in that particular case.

General symptoms

This particular remedy has no general symptoms as such but does include several specific reasons or indications for when it is needed. For instance, where illness occurs after a drop into cold water when the person is overly warm would be a good indication. Anywhere that results in a change in temperature from one extreme to another (where the person is warm and bathes in cold water, or eats/drinks something cold when it is very hot) is an excellent indication that this remedy is required.

More Specifics

Bruises – in this instance, where lumps/bumps remain especially after treatment with Arnica. This is especially useful in the treatment of haematomas. Here, the pain will feel sore/bruised, muscles may also feel sore and bruised. This kind of bruising can be as a result of several things, from accidents to childbirth, over-exertion to surgery.

When using for bruising, use Arnica first, then when colouration has faded but a lump remains, move on to Bellis Perennis. This will aid further soreness including that remaining post childbirth. As mentioned above, this remedy is particularly helpful on a haematoma.

Cuts/injury – can be used for cuts and wounds internally. It is useful to the majority of injuries but especially useful to breast injuries.

Insomnia – when sleeplessness occurs after 3am and person gets to sleep but wakes before 3am, then person cannot get back to sleep.

Joint pain – where it has occurred after becoming chilled from being particularly hot.

Pregnancy issues – where pain is in the groin area and is severe, especially while walking. Any movement will increase the pain here. This pain is most often as a result of a trapped nerve occurring during the last months of pregnancy and will come on suddenly when walking and may not last long.

When someone is in need of Bellis Perennis, they will have had a sudden change in temperature from hot to cold. Bellis Perennis does not have specific emotional characteristics like many other remedies, and as such is good for almost anyone who fits the specific indications mentioned above.

Bellis Perennis is another wonderful remedy that should be in everyone’s first aid kit, whether conventional or alternative medicine dominates. Anyone with the symptoms above can use this remedy, especially in regard to lumps/bumps/haematoma that remain after treatment with Arnica. As with all homeopathic remedies, it is a good idea to confer with a specialist, with a professional homeopath who can take any conventional medications into account.

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Source: The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro



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