Belkin vs Otterbox: Which Cases are Best?

Updated November 7, 2013
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Belkin manufactures and sells protective cases for many types of mobile devices including:

  • Tablet Cases (124 cases)
  • Screen Protection (45 cases)
  • Smartphone Cases (157 cases)
  • Armband/Active (23 cases)
  • Custom Cases (3 cases)
  • Keyboard Cases (18 cases)

Belkin makes protection cases for the following products:

Belkin Cases Customer Comments

Customer comments and ratings are also a good way to gauge how customers like a certain product. Customers have rated the Belkin Grip Candy TPU case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with the following customer comments on the Apple iPhone store website.

  • This is by far the best case for my iPhone I have ever had!”
  • This case is very good in terms of protection, i dropped my 4S many times and the case took away all the shocks, it has a nice and smooth look and well designed.”
  • I purchased this case 5 months ago and it still looks like it came out of the box. The phone shows no wear or damage from being in the case either. I had to have a slim case so the phone fit into a leather horizontal pouch belt case and this one is perfect. This case feels great in your hands and is none slip. I have not found a case that has the quality and fit this one has. This case has surpassed all my expectations and I love it. This is a well designed and manufactured product well worth the money.”
  • This is the best one yet. Ive had the otter and trident cases. This one is alot lighter and better looking. Simple to take out. I also got the clear protector. You dont have smears or finger prints on this one. Overall i like it. Not expensive either.”

Other customers of the Belkin Grip Candy TPU case also liked how it absorbed shocks better than other protective cases when the phone was dropped and never got a scratch.

Belkin Grip Candy TPU case Pros

Other pros and compliments for this Belkin case were:

Belkin Grip Candy TPU case Cons

There are of course a few cons and complaints about this Belkin case including:

  • A few mentioned that this case did not fit the phone perfectly.
  • Some mentioned that the clear backing was turning yellow and another user wrote that the white clear case back had become stained from the oils in their fingers and it could not be cleaned.
  • The case prevents some headphones from being connected properly.

Overall most customers were very pleased with the Belkin protective cases. The cost for this Belkin case is $29.99. 

More Belkin Customer Comments

Almost every Belkin protective case listed on has a 4 or a 5 star rating with hundreds of reviews including:

  • I hate iPhone cases, and this is the first iPhone case that I really like. You may be asking- why only 4 stars? Well, I got the "orange/black" case, and it is more like "pink/black" or "peach/black." It's definitely not orange (looks much different from the Amazon picture). It’s not a huge deal because the case is so awesome, but just be aware if you're a guy, from a distance people may think you have a pink case if you go the Orange route!”
  • The cover fits well. The colors are exactly as pictured. The only thing is the back is not as transparent as the picture makes it appear.”
  • Perfect case, a little grippy, but not silicone style. Doesn't slide off a table or out of my dry hands like a hard shell, but doesn't collect lint and get caught on my pocket when I try to pull it out. It's darker than expected, as others have stated (Asphalt/Gravel), I can't see anything through the back case, I prefer it that way. It just looks like a solid black skin on my black phone. Worth the money, especially at half the price Apple/Verizon want for the same case.”

Belkin Grip Candy Protective Cases

Belkin also makes the Grip Candy protective cases for the:

Belkin Coupons

Belkin Custom Cases

Belkin can also customize case for you. You can upload a photo and Belkin will make a custom case with your uploaded photo.

Belkin Custom Cases


Otterbox is a very popular company located in Fort Collins, Colorado, that makes and sells protective devices for your smartphones and other mobile devices. Their website has a nice feature that helps you find the exact case for the exact mobile device. You enter in the brand, the device and the model and their screen will present you with the perfect case for that device.

Otterbox Protective Case Products

Otterbox sells protective cases for the following products:

  • Amazon Kindle cases
  • Apple cases
  • Blackberry
  • Boost Mobile
  • HTC cases
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Dry Boxes

Otterbox iPhone Choices

Along with all of the other mobile device models, they have a large selection of protective cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. For just the iPhone4/4S smartphone, Otterbox has 4 different series of protective cases to choose from.

Otterbox Armor Series

The Otterbox Armor Series has the following features.

  • Will tolerate 6.5 feet underwater for up to 30 minutes
  • Endures 10 foot drop on concrete
  • Allows zero entry of dust
  • Can sustain 2 tons of crushing force
  • The toughest case built
  • Costs $99.95

Otterbox Defender Series with iON Intelligence

  • Has a built in lithium ion battery that doubles the capacity of your phone
  • Automates the power management process
  • Interactive app can predict when your battery will fail
  • Three layers of Defender Series protection
  • Costs $129.95

Otterbox Defender Series

  • Their most popular iPhone 4/4S protective case
  • 3-layers of protection
  • Built in screen protector
  • Silicon plugs keeps out dust
  • A free holster is included
  • Costs $49.95 - $59.95

Otterbox Commuter Series

  • 2-layers of protection
  • Self-adhesive screen protector
  • Port plugs keeps out dust and debris
  • Costs $34.95

Otterbox Reflex Series

  • Self-adhesive screen protector
  • Case can be removed or installed easily and quickly
  • Docks easily
  • Air pockets in the corners absorbs shocks
  • Costs $34.95

Otterbox Defender with iON Intelligence Series / YouTube

Otterbox Reflex iPhone 4/4S Case Customer Comments

Since we listed the customer comments of the Belkin Grip Candy TPU protective case at a cost of $29.95, the comparably priced Otterbox case for the iPhone 4/4S is the Otterbox Reflex. The Otterbox Reflex is rated 4 out of 5 stars on  Here are some comments from users of this protective case.

  • I can finally write a review with evidence of how awesome this case is. Last week while getting stuff in and out of my car, I put it on my roof and forgot about it. 5 minutes later, I moved my car to the street, I drove half a block and turned around in a culdesac and came home. minutes later, my neighbor walked up to me and said "hey this fell off your car back there," turned it on, no cracks/blemishes or issues. at 20mph, the Otterbox held its ground and I am SOOO thankful.”
  • The color, the feel and the size of the case are absolutely perfect. The case absorbs all impact and actually bounces when you drop it. I love it. I've owned the defender and commuter cases by OtterBox and the reflex is by far my favorite.”
  • I love this case because it's thinner than the Heavy Duty Otterbox case I had, plus it's not covered in grippy silicone. As a result, it slides into my pocket easily. It's very durable; I've dropped my phone a number of times and this case did its job without taking any damage. It's quick and easy to install as well. Highly recommended!”

Otterbox Reflex Cons

The main complaint about the Otterbox Reflex protective case is that it actually fits so tight that it scratched the sides of the iPhone and it scratched the aluminum bands on the iPhone 4S.

Otterbox Coupons

Protective Case Conclusion

It is hard to say which case is the better case. Otterbox certainly has a reputation as being one of, if not the best protective case. Using the iPhone 4/4S as a comparison, both Otterbox and Belkin had fine reviews about their ability to absorb shocks and drops.

Numerous customers did complain that the Otterbox Reflex fit too tightly and scratched the iPhone 4/4S. Otterbox certainly has more case choices and the more expensive ones are the better protective cases. Both companies will do the job of protecting your smartphone.