Being Chased in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

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Being chased in dreams is a common experience and it can represent many things from running from one's own fear to feeling as though there are surmounting pressures that are difficult to outrun. Being chased can also help us confront unresolved conflicts

Being chased in dreams is a common experience and it can represent many things from running from one's own fear to feeling as though there are surmounting pressures that are difficult to outrun. Discover what it means to dream of being chased.

In the Dark

Being chased in the dark and being unable to identify fully what is chasing us can add more fear to a situation than is already present. This type of dream reminds us that sometimes we make things out to be more than what they are and that we need to gain clarity and light of something in order to identify what we are really looking at instead of what we think we are looking at.

Darkness can represent the unknown, something hidden or a situation that has little light or clarity to it. It can represent confusion also, and the element of mystery. So with this type of dream, the dreamer can ask him or herself what type of mystery in life is presenting fear that might be made larger than what it really is.

Nowhere to Run

As if being chased in a dream isn't stressful enough, some dreams become more distressing when a possible exit is cut off. In dreams where the  dreamer is running because they are being chased, and find themselves cut off from any exit or way out can indicate that the dreamer is stuck in a frightening situation and feels there's no way out of it. It can also bring the dreamer to realize that he is in a situation that is out of his control and feels completely cut off from any solution.  Because of the nature of the dream, it is important that the dreamer realizes some fears of not having a solution can manifest even further blockages. This offers a reminder that the dreamer can use other forms of creativity and problem solving in order to find a solution and way to freedom in whatever situation he is in.

Phantom or Ghostly Figure

Dreaming of a phantom or ghostly figure that is chasing us can be a simple indicator that we are inventing a problem that is not rooted in the physical reality. This can be based on strong fears of what-if's rather than facts so it is something that can remind the dreamer that fear can be eliminated by seeing facts for what they are instead of inflated potentials that don't have to manifest unless  the dreamer puts energy into that scenario. We attract to us what we put our attention to and this type of dream reminds us to keep our thoughts and emotions in perspective, especially if we are facing a challenging situation that presents a lot of guess work.

Some dreams however, that are very visual and vividly recalled where a phantom or ghostly figure is chasing the dreamer, can actually be the subconscious' way of alerting the dreamer to a potential unwanted attachment either from someone they are trying to distance themselves from, or from a being in Spirit form. So a great exercise that can be helpful is for the dreamer to become active in meditation, visualizations or prayer that focus on maintaining proper boundaries, protection and personal space.

Aside from Fear

These dreams can also represent that the dreamer is feeling haunted or stalked by someone they know who is not being respectful of boundaries and need for personal space. An example could be parents and children or spouses. Even out of protection, when one person "hovers" over or "haunts" the dreamer in their physical life, they can tend to feel suffocated and isolated from privacy and freedom.  It is important for the dreamer to communicate their thoughts and feelings of being suffocated by the other person so that proper and respectful boundaries can be established.

Some times in dream time, we pick up on other people's emotions and projections of thought and intention which register in our own subconscious that manifest into dreams of this nature.  This can happen especially with people we have a close connection to or attachment. In this case, if the dream really pertains to another person that the dreamer is connected to, this can give insight into the situation for the dreamer so that they better understand what is happening.

As well, sometimes in our dreams we are actually a witness rather than a participant and being chased in a dream can actually put us in the position of another person who is feeling chased or victimized. In this type of dream, the dreamer becomes the representative of the actual person experiencing this situation.

The Past

Sometimes being chased, especially by someone or something of our past that we can identify is just another way of our unresolved conflicts of the past to resurface. Many times we run from what we could not fix or change which leaves us with a need to resolve or put to rest those undone parts of a situation. What in the past has caught up with the dreamer? What has the dreamer experienced from the past that they are afraid to see or confront? Are they afraid, embarrassed or angry? This reminds the dreamer that confronting past mistakes or people can be liberating and free both people from the experience.  This can also be a heads up that the other person from the past is rethinking their own part in the shared experience and is working to resolve it, and that need and intention has transferred to the dreamer because they have been part of that shared experience.  


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Posted on Sep 19, 2012
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Posted on Sep 19, 2012