A - Z of Being an Effective Teacher

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This alphabet of teaching young kids will help teachers to teach more effectively.

Teaching is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs. The need for the teacher to have a versatile personality is very crucial since she is dealing with a lot of kids with individual differences.

It could be real daunting to be a teacher; especially to the little kids who are still too young to understand different situations around them. This is the reason why the teacher must possess characteristics that fit the needs of the children.

A good teacher does not only teach the lessons. A good teacher is one individual with various personalities that could fit the needs of the children. Without a flexible personality, the teacher wouldn’t be able to teach the kids successfully.

To meet the needs of the children and be an effective teacher; here is the alphabet to teaching young kids:

  • A- Act like a mother to the kids and make them feel important and loved in the classroom.
  • B- Build a good foundation for the kids to start their life right and become better citizens in the future.
  • C- Children should be your priority so that they will learn more effectively.
  • D- Develop the basic life-skills early in the children; like being responsible in taking care of their things and being independent workers. This will help them a lot in the future.
  • E- Earn the respect and trust of the kids. Once you have earned the respect and trust of the kids, the classroom situation would become better for all of you.
  • F- Free the children from their cocoon. Let them grow and develop into productive people.
  • G- Give the kids what they deserve. Awarding the kids and giving them incentives for their performance will help them to participate more in class activities.
  • H- Hone the kids’ talents and skills and make them better people as they grow up.
  • I- Instill in them the good values needed to become good people.
  • J- Join them in the activities in class and teach them to enjoy class activities at the same time have fun.
  • K- Keep the classroom alive and harmonious by using strategies that are effective to the kids.
  • L- Love the kids like your own. If you love the kids you will always make sure that they are doing fine in school.
  • M- Motivate them properly. It is important to motivate the children properly so that they will be interested in what you want to teach them.
  • N- Never shout. Do not shout when there is no fire in the classroom. You will be scaring the kids and making them hate school.
  • O- Open up to your pupils so that you will all feel comfortable.
  • P- Plan your daily activities to avoid problems once you start teaching the kids.
  • Q- Quit all negative thoughts and actions so that the kids around you will always feel good and comfortable with you.
  • R- Refrain from playing favorites. All the kids are under your care and you should be fair to all of them.
  • S- Strengthen your relationship with the kids and make them part of your day to day life. They should be important people to you.
  • T- Think of the kids’ future and help them become better people.
  • U- Understand individual differences and don’t expect the same performance from the kids.
  • V- Vary the daily activities so that the children will not get bored.
  • W- Work with the kids especially those who cannot follow well.
  • X- Xerox copy all the works of the kids and display them so that they will be inspired to make more.
  • Y- Yearn for the best to give the kids by using effective methods of teaching.
  • Z- Zero-in on making the learning process more effective for the kids.

There are several ways to teach the kids more effectively. Just follow some tips and make the children have fun learning anything in the classroom.


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